Retail Take Back for Household Hazardous Waste

When the following products reach the end of their useful life they are considered hazardous waste in California and can not be disposed in the regular trash.

The City of Folsom has established retail take back sites throughout the City where residents, and in some cases, businesses can drop off these hazardous wastes for proper disposal.


California's Paint Stewardship Program enlists paint retailers to accept unwanted latex and oil based architectural paint products. Since 2012, state law requires paint manufacturers establish and pay for collection programs for recycling paint in California.  PaintCare is the stewardship organization that was set up by paint manufacturers to collect the paint. PaintCare has established paint recycling sites at four retailers in Folsom listed in the table below.

Paint Care locations accept limited amounts of paint from painting and construction businesses.  If you have more than 200 gallons, you can arrange for it to be picked up.

Storage space is limited at the paint stores so It is a good idea to call ahead to the retailers to make sure they are accepting paint. For a list of acceptable materials and more information visit PaintCare

Fluorescent Lamps

Considered hazardous because these lamps contain mercury.  When fluorescent lamps are broken mercury is released into the environment.  Mercury is toxic and damaging to human health and the environment.  Handle fluorescent lamps with care when storing and preparing them for pickup.  Each year Folsom residents properly recycle thousands of fluorescent lamps!  Find the retail take back  location nearest you in the table below


Household Batteries

Over two hundred million pounds of household batteries are thrown away every year in the United States! In California, all types of batteries are considered hazardous waste and cannot go in the trash or recycling bin.  In Fiscal Year 2014-2015, Folsom residents recycled 25,682 lbs. of dry cell batteries!!

Folsom residents can have their batteries picked by making an appointment with our Door 2 Door HHW collection program.  Or you can drop off batteries at one of our participating retail locations listed in the table below.

When preparing household batteries for pick up or drop off please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Store batteries in a plastic container.  Never use a metal coffee can.
  • Tape the positive terminal of all Lithium and Lead Acid batteries (except for button batteries) and any battery over 9 volts.
  • Put button batteries in a zip lock bag.
  • Put any leaking batteries in a zip lock bag.
  • Be aware that improperly packaged Lithium batteries can catch fire if they come in contact with each other or any metal.


Home Generated Sharps

It is illegal in California to dispose of sharps in the trash.  Sharps are considered biohazard medical waste and when improperly disposed are hazardous to others especially those managing the waste stream.  The City of Folsom has partnered with local fire stations and many local pharmacies to help you properly dispose of sharps.  See the list of participating locations in the table below

For more information please visit our Sharps page.

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filters

Take your used oil and filters to a used oil collection site.  The state of California encourages the recycling of used motor oil and oil filters by certifying used oil recycling collection centers throughout the state.  Certified Used Oil Collection Centers will take used motor oil from the public and will pay you 40¢ a gallon. Most centers will take up to 5 gallons at a time. Folsom's used oil collection centers are listed below.  Certified centers are marked with an asterisk *. Outside of Folsom, find the collection center nearest you by calling 1-800-CLEANUP or on line at earth911 or see California's database of certified used oil collection centers.  For more information please visit our used oil and filter recycling page. 

Retail Take Back Locations

There are numerous drop-off sites at various retail locations in Folsom for household batteries, fluorescent lamps, oil and water based (latex) paint, used motor oil and filters.  This recycling project is a partnership between the retailers listed in the table below and the City of Folsom Hazardous Materials Division.

To recycle batteries, look for the blue drums marked “Recycle Them Here".  They are the place to deposit single use (non rechargeable) alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries go in the kiosks and boxes marked “rechargeable batteries only.” If you have lamps contact store staff to recycle the lamps.  Also remember, that you can have your lamps and batteries picked up from your residence by making an appointment through our door 2 door collection program.

     Drop - Off Location Batteries Accepted   Container Location  Fluorescent Lamps Accepted Used Motor Oil Accepted Used Oil Filters Accepted Paint Accepted   Sharps Accepted

    Special Instructions       



    Entrance Yes    See Store Staff



    Entrance  Yes Yes  
    Home Depot


    Entrance Yes - No TUBES CFL's Only   Check at Returns Desk 
    American River
    Ace Hardware


    Entrance Yes Yes   Call ahead for Paint. See Store Staff
    Folsom City Hall


    Main Hallway  
    Folsom Main Library


    Front Desk  


    Whole Foods


    Front Desk  

    Raley's 715 E. Bidwell only



    Best Buy


    Winco Foods


    Sherwin Williams

    Yes   Call ahead. See Store Staff
    Kelly Moore

    Yes   Call ahead. See Store Staff
    Auto Zone Yes Yes   See Store Staff
    Jiffy Lube Yes Yes   See Store Staff
    O'Reilly Yes Yes   See Store Staff
    SpeeDee Oil Change Yes Yes   See Store Staff
    Folsom Lake Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram       Yes Yes      See Store Staff
    Rite Aid Pharmacy, E. Bidwell Yes  See Store Staff
    Safeway Pharmacy, Prairie City  Yes See Store Staff
    Innovative Compounding Pharmacy Yes See Store Staff
    Revolutions Naturopathic Yes See Store Staff
    Fire Station 35 Yes See Staff
    Fire Station 36 Yes See Staff 
    Fire Station 37 Yes See Staff
    Fire Station 38  Yes See Staff