Folsom Corporation Yard - Visioning Process

The time has come for us – as a community – to take a careful look at the existing 16.3 acre City Corporation Yard site (located at the western terminus of Leidesdorff Street in the Historic District) and together develop a shared vision of what we would like to see happen to this area in the future once the City relocates the Corporation Yard to a new area south of Highway 50.   The uniquely situated Corporation Yard site or “West Leidesdorff” site is truly one of the City’s hidden gems, making it imperative that a thoughtful community engagement process is utilized to capture community values and visions when planning the future of this unique site.  The City’s consultant, Jeffrey Demure & Associates (JD+A), with the assistance of a focus group comprised of local residents, local business owners, historic preservationists, advocates, student leaders and community leaders, have initiated the visioning process by developing several example land use scenarios for this site.

Project Location

Located at the western terminus of Leidesdorff Street in the Historic District and 1/10 of a mile from an existing light rail station is the City of Folsom’s 16.3 acre Corporation Yard site.  The site lies directly adjacent to the American River Parkway and its trail system to the north and west; single-family residential to the east, the VFW Hall and the 4.17 acre site Leidesdorff Village project (approved for the future development of 36 condominium units, 18 residential flats and 2 single-family homes) to the southeast, and the existing Lake Natoma Shores single-family residential neighborhood to the south. 

Project Background

On May 28, 2013, the City Council approved Resolution No. 9161 which authorized the City Manager to submit a Community Design Funding Program grant application to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) for the Corporation Yard Development Plan, also known as the West Leidesdorff Street Master Plan. And, on July 14, 2015, the City Council approved Resolution No. 9605 accepting the $100,000 grant award from SACOG for the West Leidesdorff Master Plan and authorizing JD+A design firm to implement the Grant by preparing a West Leidesdorff Street Master Plan. 

Project Details

The primary goal of the West Leidesdorff Street Master Plan (“Plan”) is to create a focused area plan to guide the future vision of this uniquely located property once the Folsom Corporation Yard is relocated to a new site south of US Highway 50.  Hence, over the past year the JD+A design team and City staff have been working diligently towards this goal.  Utilizing a collaborative public involvement planning process (known as a Charrette), focus group contributors were asked to participate in a site excursion of the Corporation Yard and a brainstorming and design workshop.  From these activities and the ideas that emerged, the JD+A design team assembled three separate site design examples. 

The next phase in the Charrette process is to solicit community wide feedback to capture community visions and values. Through the City’s MindMixer Town Hall Forum, Folsom community members are encouraged to share their individual opinions on three site design examples, as well as offer their own unique ideas regarding a vision for the site.

What You Can Do  

We can’t do this without you!  The success of this effort clearly depends on community involvement and support; therefore the City encourages you to participate in the next phase of this visioning process by logging into the City’s MindMixer Town Hall Forum and sharing your comments regarding the future of the Corp Yard site.