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In 1963, Gordon Brong, Folsom Park Superintendent, was contacted by the University of California at Davis seeking a safe home for a cub that was orphaned and burned in a forest fire. Gordon had already been keeping several deer and a coyote in an area around the parks office. Visitors would often come to see the animals. In an effort to give the bear cub a home, Gordon managed to persuade the city to provide space and local service clubs built an enclosure that would allow the bear cub to join the other animals. The Folsom Zoo was born. From that time on, the Folsom Zoo became a safe haven for many rescued animals.

In 2002, under the direction of zoo superintendent Terry Jenkins, the zoo name was changed to Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. The new name best described the goal of providing for animals that are not able to be released back into the wild. Some of the zoo sanctuary residents have been pets that proved to be too wild or were confiscated as illegal. Many have suffered injuries that would make life in the wild impossible and some were captured as "problem animals." All the residents of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are treated as individuals by the staff and offered the best environments for their needs.

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary Mission Statement 

The basis of the zoo sanctuary mission statement is "Teaching Responsible Behavior Toward All Animals."

Terry Jenkins, former zoo superintendent, was instrumental in creating the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary mission statement to benefit the zoo residents and the visiting public. Read the full mission statement here.

Contact Us

For general zoo information please contact the zoo ticket booth at 916-351-3527 or

Information about new exhibits or buildings

The City of Folsom has a Zoo Sanctuary Master Plan which shows the City's commitment to improving conditions for the animals and the zoo visitors. View the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary Master Plan (please note that this is a very large file and may take several minutes to download).

Construction Project Begins Tuesday at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

Construction begins August 22 on the replacement of a very old sewer line that runs underground through sections of the Zoo Sanctuary. Over the course of the project, some of the animals will be off-exhibit as they’re relocated to temporary quarters to  protect them from the noise and dust from the construction. However, the majority of the animals will remain in their usual exhibits, and many are more active with the cooler weather. While the construction project takes place, the Zoo Sanctuary is offering a special discounted admission rate of $3 per person (ages under 2 years are free) to thank visitors for their patience. The Zoo Sanctuary is located at 403 Stafford Street and is open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Learn more at