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Wastewater Collection

Welcome to the Wastewater Division web page. Our Division inspects, cleans, repairs and maintains the 267 miles of pipeline and 9 lift stations in the City of Folsom. Folsom is responsible for managing and maintaining our wastewater collection system, which ultimately discharges into the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District interceptor sewer system. Wastewater is treated by the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in Elk Grove.

Brian Conyers, Supervisor
Phone: 355-8365

Brian is a Folsom native and began his career with the City of Folsom in 1985. Most of that time has been in the Wastewater Collection Division refining his skills learning the latest technology and applying it to his job. In 2002 he was promoted to Wastewater Supervisor. Brian supervises 15 employees and an aggressive preventative maintenance program. Thanks to Brian and his leadership skills the City of Folsom was given high marks from the Regional Water Quality Control Board for it’s excellence in wastewater collections operations.

For sewer emergencies after business hours call (916) 355-7231.

How to Report a Sanitary Sewer Problem........
Should you become aware of a sanitary sewer problem in the City, please call (916) 355-8365 during normal business hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm).  For more specific questions, contact the City's Utilities Department at (916) 355-8365 during normal business hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm). 

For any billing questions please email billingwebmail@folsom.ca.us. or call 916-355-7295

Facts about the Sewage System:
Number of service connections (residential and commercial) - 21,050
Daily average in gallons - 8,000,000
Maximum daily pump station capacity in gallons - 12,000,000
Peak usage of the sewer lines occurs early in the morning (as residents get ready for work) and then again in the evening (when residents get home from work).


The City Wastewater Collection Division routinely maintains the sanitary sewer mains to keep them flowing freely. Our main maintenance issues come from grease and large debris (rocks, cans, etc.) that enter our pipeline system. Our crews inspect and clean the sanitary sewer mains on a scheduled basis. There are some things that you can do to keep your home's sewer system as well as the City's sewer system trouble-free.

Please Do:

  • Call the City Wastewater Division at 355-8365 if you have questions about your sewer line, or click here to send an e-mail.
  • Report any sewer problems, odors or overflows
  • Recycle motor oil, paint, and other toxic materials at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility, or use the Curbside Oil Recycling program available to City Residents. For more information, check out the Hazardous Waste page, accessible from the main Utilities web page.
  • Locate your buildings' outside cleanout and backflow prevention device. A cleanout is most often a 4" green circular lid, and a backflow is a 6" green circular lid located next to the cleanout.
  • Deposit all cooking grease, eggshells and coffee grounds in the trash
  • Use only a licensed contractor or plumber to make repairs

Please Do Not:

  • Flush baby wipes or diapers
  • Put cooking grease, eggshells, or coffe grounds down drains or in the garbage disposal
  • Pour chemicals, cleaners, motor oil or solvent down the sewer (the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility takes these items)
  • Plant trees directly over a sewer line. Root growth in sewer lines is problematic. One easy method to tell where a sewer line runs through your yard is to line up the City cleanout at the sidewalk to the cleanout just beside their home. You may also call us for assistance.
  • Dig without calling Underground Service Alert (1-800-642-2444)
  • Use an unlicensed or unknown contractor to make repairs. Check them out!
  • Proceed with an expensive sewer line repair without getting a second opinion

Wastewater Preventative Maintenance Program

The City of Folsom Utilities Department (Wastewater) is currently inspecting the city's sewer system on a five year program.  The program consists of main line cleaning, closed circuit television inspections, manhole inspections, and smoke testing.  Each part plays a critical role in the preventative maintenance program for the City of Folsom.  For More information about where the city is inspecting in 2013 click here.

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