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Hazardous Materials Cleanup

The City of Folsom provides cleanup services for residents through the Hazardous Materials Division and Fire Department. These agencies also clean up hazardous materials spilled on public property within the city limits. These spills can occur for a number of reasons such as car accidents, broken hydraulic lines or illegal dumping. Even small spills can create potential environmental problems.

When it rains, contaminants are washed from the streets into the City of Folsom's storm drain system. All of the City's 1,400 storm drain inlets flow directly to the American River. The City of Folsom is responsible for ensuring that storm drain discharges into local streams meet state and federal standards. The City's storm drain discharges are regulated like any other point source water pollution discharge. The City's Hazardous Materials cleanup services are part of the Stormwater Quality Improvement Plan.
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If you encounter a suspected hazardous materials spill or if you see someone pouring liquids down storm drains, disposing of items on the streets, in parking lots or in open areas and you believe that the spill is an imminent threat to public health or the environment, call 911.
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