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Alder Creek Watershed Project

Alder Creek Watershed Project
DWR/CALFED Prop 50 2005-06 Watershed Grant Program

The headwaters of Alder Creek begin just south of White Rock Road, and the creek travels northwesterly from there, through grazing lands and a pristine blue oak woodland in the City of Folsom’s Sphere of Influence (SOI), through the wooded Aerojet property, and alongside the auto mall, until it reaches Lake Natoma and the Lower American River.  In the upper reaches, the creek is dry most of the year, typically only carrying water after rain storms.  But just upstream of where the creek crosses under Prairie City Road, several tributary streams deliver water to the creek year-round from the Broadstone and Willow Springs neighborhoods and various commercial centers north of U.S. 50.

About 11 square miles of land drains to the creek and it’s tributaries; we call this land the Alder Creek Watershed.   The watershed is home to many residents and businesses north of U.S. 50, as well as a diversity of animals, fish and aquatic life, insects, plants and trees, including several threatened and endangered species.  In the future, the land south of the freeway is proposed to develop with new homes, businesses, schools, roads, and protected open space and parks.  As development planning proceeds, it is important to consider impacts to the valuable natural resources of the watershed and take action to mitigate those impacts.  At the same time, it is important to plan for new recreational opportunities to connect the future watershed residents with the existing population, and to connect everyone with new trails along Alder Creek and the existing American River Parkway.

In late 2006, the City of Folsom convened a diverse group of watershed stakeholders and embarked on a 3-year planning process to study the watershed and recommend strategies for protection of its natural resources in light of planned future urban development.  The work was funded by a grant from CALFED/State Department of Water Resources Grant through Proposition 50.

The Alder Creek Watershed Management Action Plan, completed by the City of Folsom and its partners in February 2010, synthesizes a wide range of environmental data to characterize current conditions and recommends strategies to protect, enhance and restore the creek and associated natural resources in the future.  The plan describes the watershed and its community, presents the results of the 2-year watershed assessment, recommends policies and projects, and proposes strategies for implementation of the plan, including adaptive management and monitoring.  

Click on the following items for more information (note: some of these files are very large and may take several minutes to download):

Project Summaries

Project Summary (SOI Open House), June 2007 (size: 90.4 KB)

Overview of the Watershed and Project Accomplishments, Spring 2010 (quick reference size: 470 KB)

Overview of the Watershed and Project Accomplishments, Spring 2010 (high res, for 11 x 17 print, size: 6.5 MB)

Stakeholder Information

Stakeholder Update, Summer, 2007 (size: 1.28 MB)
Stakeholder Meeting Summaries, November 2007 - January 2010 (size: 466.2 KB)


Spring 2007 Watershed Tours Recap (size: 8.01 MB)
Alder Creek Watershed Assessment Results (size: 17.32 MB)

Work Products

Watershed Management Action Plan, February 2010 - Main Report, Chapters 1-4 (size: 14.17 MB)
Watershed Management Action Plan, February 2010 - Main Report, Chapters 5-8  (size: 6 MB)
Watershed Management Action Plan, February 2010, Appendices:  
        Appendix A,  Appendix B,  Appendix C,  Appendix D,  Appendix E

Final Grant Project Report, March 2010 (size: 426.1 KB)

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