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Elections / FPPC


General Municipal Election – November 4, 2014

December 2, 2014 Update:  Final Vote Tally - Election Results, as reported by Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections:

Elected to a Four Year Term ending December 2018:
Kerri Howell
Andy Morin
Steve Miklos

Not Elected:
Roger D. Gaylord III
Jennifer M. Lane
Sandra Lunceford
Chad Vander Veen

Campaign Financial Disclosure Statements:  California’s Political Reform Act requires receipts and expenditures in election campaigns to be disclosed by candidates and local political action committees.  These required disclosures are made using Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) mandated forms.  The forms most commonly used by Folsom city council candidates and local political action committees are the FPPC Form 460 and Form 497. 

Roger Gaylord; Form 460 (filed 10/6/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/17/14)
Kerri Howell; Form 460 (filed 10/2/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/20/14)
Jennifer Lane; Form 460 (filed 10/6/14)  ; Form 460 (filed 10/23/14)
Sandra Lunceford; Form 460 (filed 10/7/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/21/14)
Steve Miklos; Form 460 (filed 10/6/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/23/2014)
Andy Morin; Form 460 (filed 10/6/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/22/14)
Chad Vander Veen; Form 460 (filed 10/6/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/23/14)

Local Political Action Committee:
BizPac – Folsom Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee; Form 497 (filed 8/22/14);  Form 497 (filed 9/11/14);   Form 497 (filed 10/3/14);   Form 497 (filed 10/6/14); Form 460 (filed 10/6/14) ; Form 460 (filed 10/23/14)

Contribution Limits and Sign Regulations:
City of Folsom Campaign Contribution Limits 
City of Folsom Campaign Sign Regulations

Fair Political Practices Commission (commonly referred to as FPPC)

Statements of Economic Interest
Per Section 87505 of the California Government Code, the Section 87200 filers listed below must file a Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests with the City Clerk.  A copy of these statements may be obtained by contacting the Folsom City Clerk’s Office at 50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA  95630, (916) 355-7270.  You may also request copies of statements for Section 87200 filers by contacting the Fair Political Practices Commission at 428 J Street, Suite 620, Sacramento, CA  95814, (916) 322-5660, or visit their website at
www.fppc.com, where  you may find Statements of Economic Interests for some state and local government agency elected officers available in an electronic format.

Evert Palmer, City Manager
Jim Francis, Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director
Bruce Cline, City Attorney

City Council Members Planning Commissioners
Kerri Howell  
Steve Miklos
Andy Morin
Ernie Sheldon
Jeff Starsky
John Arnaz
Kelley Butcher

Ross Jackson
Marci Embree
Jennifer Lane
Brian Martell
Thomas Scott

Agency Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Pass Distribution
FPPC Form 802 is used by all state and local government agencies to identify persons who receive admission tickets and passes and describes the public purpose for the distribution, according to the agency's ticket policy.   Admission to events for individuals who perform ceremonial roles are also reported on this form. Ticket policies are not required for individuals performing ceremonial roles.
FPPC Form 802, filed 05/21/2013

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