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Standard Specifications

The City of Folsom's Standard Construction Specifications were updated April 23, 2015. The documents on this page contain updates to the revision adopted January 14, 2014. These new Specifications include all revisions and additions that have been made since May 2004. The document can be downloaded in PDF format without charge.

To download a specific section, select the appropriate link below.

    Binder Coversheet (PDF, 681.5Kb)
    Binder Spine (PDF, 257.6Kb)
    Design Standards (PDF, 5.92Mb)
    Standard Construction Specifications  (PDF, 3Mb)
FORMS (Updated January 2014)
    Acceptance of Offer of Dedication (.doc, 37.5Kb)
    Certificate of Acceptance  (.doc, 25.5Kb)
    Certificate of Compliance-Lot Line Adjustment (.doc, 48.5Kb)
    Certificate of Compliance - Lot Line Adjustment - Notary (.doc, 33.5Kb)
    Certifcate of Compliance-Merger (.doc, 48.5Kb)
    Certificate of Compliance-Merger - Notary (.doc, 33.5Kb)
    Drainage Easement (.doc, 46Kb)
    Grant Deed (.doc, 55.5Kb)
    Landscaping Easement (.doc, 46Kb)
    Notary (.doc, 33.5Kb)
    Pedestrian Easement (.doc, 46Kb)
    Public Utility Easement (.doc, 42Kb)
    Road Right of Way  (.doc, 45.5Kb)
    Sewer Easement (.doc, 46Kb)
    Water Line Easement (.doc, 46Kb)
CONTRACT FORMS (Updated April 2015)
    SF-01 Agreement
    SF-02 Performance Bond
    SF-03 Payment Bond
    SF-04 Bidder's Bond
    SF-05 Change Order
    SF-06 Escrow Agreement
    SF-07 Workmen's Compensation Insurance Certification
    SF-08 Sub Bidder Form
    SF-09 Submittal Transmittal
    SF-10 Proprietary Information Agreement
    SF-11 Guarantee
    SF-12 Request for Information
CONSTRUCTION DETAILS (Updated January 2014)
    Folsom - Landscaping (LS) Standard Details (PDF, 3.85Mb)
    Folsom - Road (RD) Standard Details
    Folsom - Signals & Lighting (SL) Standard Details (PDF, 1.53Mb)
    Folsom - Water (WR) Standard Details (PDF, 1.45Mb)
    Folsom - Storm Drain (SD) Standard Details (PDF, 2.97Mb)
    Folsom - Sanitary Sewer (SS) Standard Details (PDF, 1.35Mb)

The purpose of the Design Standards is to provide selected minimum standards to be used in the design and drawing of plans for our City’s infrastructure. Also included are sections relating to the City's Development process, right-of-way acquisition and quality control during construction.  These documents are intended to serve as a guide for the City and others in the preparation of contract drawings and also indicates procedures to be followed with regard to City development policy. The designated standards generally represent minimum values. The word "minimum" implies the lowest acceptable limit in design. This manual is intended to cover only normal situations encountered in design. It can be expected that many engineering problems will arise which will not be completely covered. Therefore, any items or situations not included in this manual shall be designed in accordance with accepted engineering practice as approved by the City. Deviations from these design standards, the general notes, or to the illustrative and technical drawings shall not be made without the review of the engineering staff of the Community Development and/or Public Works Departments.
Hardcopies will no longer be sold at the Community Development Counter.

Questions regarding the Standard Specifications should be directed to
Daniel Wolfe.

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