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Architectural Review

Design Review Process

 1.      Application Submittal: 

 2.      Initial Application Review

  • Planning Staff will determine which level of review the Design Review Application is subject to including: Exempt, review by Community Development Director, or review by Planning Commission.
  • If Design Review Application is considered Exempt by Planning Staff, the applicant will be referred to the Building Division to determine if a building permit(s) is required for the project.

3.      Application Completeness:

  • Planning Staff determines if Design Review Application is complete or incomplete.  A complete list of the submittal requirements is provided with the Design Review Application.

  • If Design Review Application is considered incomplete, Planning Staff will provide applicant with a written description of the items necessary to deem the application complete.

 4.      Application Review:

  • Once the Design Review Application is deemed complete by Planning Staff, the Design Review Application and associated submittal materials are routed for review by the following City Divisions:  Engineering, Building, Arborist, and Planning.

 5.      Application Determination:

  • On the Thursday (2:00 p.m. in the Community Development Conference Room, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 50 Natoma Street) following the week in which the Design Review Application was deemed complete, Planning Staff will conduct a formal review and evaluation of the application.  At this meeting, Planning Staff will make a decision to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the Design Review Application.

  •  The  applicant will be notified in writing (by e-mail or mail) within ten calendar days of the decision regarding the Design Review Application.

  • Once a decision is issued regarding the Design Review Application a public notice will be posted on the project site for a period of not less than 10 calendar days.  Any person dissatisfied with the action of the Community Development Director or Planning Commission may appeal within the aforementioned 10-day appeal period.

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