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Are you looking for a career that is physically challenging, as well as professionally rewarding? Are you looking for a position that offers great benefits and a flexible work schedule? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a career in the Folsom Fire Department may be for you!

What is the job of a firefighter really like?

Firefighting involves vigorous and skilled physical work with continuous training, as well as handling emergency and life-or-death situations. In addition to fighting fires and rescuing citizens from burning buildings, firefighters also:

  • Work 24 hour shifts, 56 hours per week (may also work 48 to 72 hour shifts)
  • Provide emergency medical care - as a first responder (EMT) and Advanced Life Support – (paramedic)
  • Extinguish fires and after the fire perform salvage and cleanup
  • Perform water rescues from rivers, lakes and pond.
  • Community service calls (vehicle and building lockouts, water removal from floods, storm damage repair, animal rescues, lost citizens, etc)
  • Protect the environment from hazardous material incidents
  • Perform heavy rescue operations from vehicle accidents and collapsed buildings
  • Participate in a variety of training programs to learn the latest firefighting technology and methods
  • Perform Station and Apparatus cleanup and maintenance duties
  • Work with citizens to promote fire prevention by conducting building fire prevention inspections
  • Perform public education for pre-school and elementary school children in the schools.
  • Conduct public demonstrations of firefighting skills and techniques at public locations and host tours of fire stations and fire apparatus.

Career Opportunities

You are invited to explore a challenging career opportunity in one of the most progressive fire departments in California. The following opportunities are part of the Folsom Fire Department:

  • Paramedic Program: As a Firefighter, become part of an ever-growing, advanced Emergency Medical System provided to our community.
  • Water Rescue Team: As a Firefighter, become Swift Water Rescue Certified and provide water safety on the waterways surrounding our community.
  • Technical Rescue: As a Firefighter, become trained in the disciplines of Confined Space, Trench, and High and Low Angle Rescue.
  • Fire Prevention Division: As a Firefighter, become trained in fire safety inspections, fire code compliance, and public education for personal fire safety.
  • Fire Training Division: As a Firefighter, advance your education and promotional goals through technical schools, State Fire Academy, and "hands on" on-the-job training.

What are the minimum qualifications to become a firefighter?

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D.
  • Successfully pass a physical health examination.
  • Strength and stamina sufficient to lift and carry equipment and patients weighing up to 165 pounds and be able to wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Pass a rigorous physical agility test. The test is performed while the candidate is wearing fire apparel and self contained breathing apparatus. The test activities include climbing stairs carrying a fire hose bundle, raising a fire hose to the fourth floor window with a rope, dragging heavy fire hoses and dragging a 165 lb. dummy to simulate a victim rescue and a sledgehammer event which simulates cutting a hole on a roof.
  • Possess a valid California Class "C" Drivers License with ability to acquire a firefighter endorsement.  Current certification as an Emergency Medical Technician Level 1.
  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • Pass a comprehensive background investigation.

What type of tests do you take?

  • Written Test: Measures reading comprehension, mechanical and spatial aptitude, mathematics, and the ability to comprehend and learn firefighting material from written instructions.
  • Physical Agility Test: Candidates will be evaluated on their physical preparedness to perform a series of job-related events. A physical agility test will be given to test your ability to perform firefighting duties that require physical agility, strength, and endurance.
  • Oral Panel Interview: Measures interpersonal relations, oral communication skills, judgment and analytical ability, and your motivation to be a firefighter.

Eligibility List

Those applicants who successfully pass the examinations will have their name placed on an eligibility list and may be called for a final job interview.

Suggested Courses and Activities

  • Community College courses in Fire Science, English grammar and reading comprehension, basic math, public speaking, building trades, and auto mechanics.
  • First Aid courses such as EMT I Certification, CPR, and Advanced First Aid.
  • Community Involvement - volunteer service organizations.
  • Paramedic Certification – NCTI (Northern California Training Institute) offers paramedic courses for a reasonable price, class are generally 10 – 12 months long.
  • Fire Academy – Sierra College and Butte College offer Firefighter Academies for a reasonable price. Academy can be six months to year-long, depending on whether it’s full-time or part-time.

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter with the City of Folsom, choose the Human Resource Department tab and Current Job Openings.  This will display any job availabilities and the job specifications with instructions on how to apply.  If there are no listings - you will then need to check back periodically to view future testing dates and details.  We do not take interest cards.  If there are no jobs listed, there are either no vacancies or we are interviewing off an existing eligibility list.

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