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Is it true that carbon monoxide detectors are required in homes?
Yes, California passed a law that requires carbon monoxide detectors in single family homes after July 1, 2011.  For information about the law and the types of detectors, click on this link to State Bulletin.

The City Building Division is responsible for enforcement of this change the the California Building and Residential Codes. 
Does the Fire Department accept hypodermic needles and lancets (sharps)?
Yes, Folsom Fire Stations 35 (535 Glenn Drive) and 37 (70 Clarksville Road) are collection sites for the City's Sharps Disposal Program.  The containers may be dropped off ONLY if a Fire Department attendant is present to accept it.  Sharps can only be accepted if they are sealed inside of an approved sharps container, or unused and in the originally sealed package.  Approved sharps containers can be obtained at both Station 35 and 37.

A person came to my business and told me they needed to service my fire extinguishers or the Fire Department would close me down.  Is that true?
Fire extinguishers must be serviced yearly by the licensed service concern of your choosing.  If an out of date extinguisher is found during a fire department inspection, you will be given a correction notice with a specified time to make the correction.

Unfortunately, the recent downturn in the economy has spawned a number of fraudulent practices including people impersonating fire inspectors or fire protection companies and demanding immediate payment for their inspection or service. 

For tips on avoiding these scams, download our information sheet:
I am planning a special event: Does the Fire Department have any special requirements?
Certain activities require a separate permit from the Fire Department.  An example of these activities would be erecting a tent or canopy, operating a carnival or fair, operating a special amusement building, and operating a public assembly.  The Fire Department charges a fee for these permits. 
Can I use a barbeque on my apartment or condominium balcony?    
Barbeques used in multi-family housing are regulated under California Fire Code Section 308.  This section allows the use use of charcoal-burning barbeques and propane (LPG) barbeques with a gas container no larger than one pound on apartment or condominium balconies only if the building and the balcony is protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system. 
Propane (LPG) barbeques with a gas container capacity of over one pound are prohibited on baconies of multi-family  housing (Note: the container size on most common "backyard" LPG barbeques is 20 pounds)
If barbeques are used, they must be located away from combustible materials.  We recommend having a fire extinguisher immediately accessible in case of fire. 
Can the fire department service or recharge my fire extinquisher?
No, the Fire Department does not perform the annual servicing of fire extinguishers required by the State Fire Marshal, however this correction might be noted as part of a Fire Department inspection.
Fire extinguishers must be serviced or recharged by a state-licensed company. You can find one listed in the yellow pages under "fire extinquishers".  We do not recommend any one company.
Do I submit my application and plans for fire sprinker systems, fire alarm systems, or other fire protection systems to the Fire Department?
All submittals for plan review or permits for new construction or alterations to existing buildings, including fire protections systems,  must be submitted at the Permit and Planning counter at City Hall, 50 Natoma Street (355-3555).  Click on the link below for more information.

Planning Counter 
Does the Fire Department offer CPR classes?
Not presently, you may contact Parks and Recreation at 355-7285 for their list of offerings or Red Cross.  
How can I become a firefighter?  What steps should I take?
Click on blue link.
How can I obtain a Fire Permit Application?
Click Here
How do I fill sandbags?
Refer to attached document
How do I get sandbags?
Sand and bags are available at two locations in the City of Folsom.  One location is next to City Hall, BEHIND the Senior Arts & Cultural Center (48 Natoma Street) and the other location is behind Fire Station 36 at 9700 Oak Avenue Parkway. 
Download the attached PDF form.  You can hand deliver or mail the form to the address provided.  A fee of $192 must accompany the request.
How do I report dry overgrown weeds?
You can leave a detailed message on the Fire Safety line at 916-962-9780. The owner of the property will then receive a notice to comply with code requirements.  After an alloted time, if the owner does not comply, the weeds will be abated by a contractor and the owner will be liable to reimburse the City for the associated costs. 
How do I schedule Fire Department involvement in my community event or request a station tour? Examples include: Station tours, site visits for public education, static displays, parades, etc.
30 Day Advance Notice is Hightly Recommended.  Complete a request form (Pub Ed Request), or you may call 984-2296.  This request is then submitted to the Division Chief to determine resources and a return call will be made to you confirming the scheduled tour date or appearance and location.
I am planning a special event and would like to erect a tent.  Where can I find the tent permit application?
Click the link below for a Fire Code Permit Application form.  The completed form and applicable fees can be submitted at our administrative offices at City Hall - 50 Natoma Street - 2nd Floor, Folsom 95630. 
I would like a copy of an incident report.  How do I get a copy and is there a cost?
Yes, you can receive a copy of an incident report for the fee of $29 by completing a request form.  You will need to provide the date, approximate time and location of the incident.  This basic report will show a general narrative regarding the response and the department respondents.  Patient care information is not available to anyone other than the patient without a subpoena and the cost of this complete report is $29 and is processed through our administrative office.  Allow 10 days for processing.  Any questions, please call 984-2280.
My doctor has requested I have my blood pressure checked and I was told the Fire Department will do that.  Is this true?
Yes, you can stop by any of our fire stations and our firefighters are all trained to do that for you.  BUT - Please keep in mind that emergency calls may inhibit the firefighters availability at the time of your visit.   
What do I do after a fire in my residence?
Click here for informational booklet named "After the Fire"
When am I allowed to burn wood in a fireplace or firepit?    
Sacramento County Air Quality Regulations govern the burning of any solid fuel, including wood, manufactured logs, or pellets in indoor or outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, firepits, and chimineas.  Before burning, check for restrictions by calling 1-877-662-8765 or on the Web at AirQuality.org.

Burning trash or any material that creates noxious odors is prohibited by the Folsom Municipal Code.
Where can I use "Safe and Sane" fireworks during the 4th of July?
"Safe and Sane" can be used throughout the City of Folsom from noon on June 28th through midnight on the 4th of July with some exceptions.  Fireworks are not allowed in most city parks or on bike trails.  They can be used on public streets, as well as in your yard or driveway.  For a detailed list of where fireworks are prohibited, click HERE

You can also find information on the main fireworks page: HERE
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