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Fire Prevention - FAQ


How do I order a Knox Box?

You can order Knox limited-access devices online at www.knoxbox.com.  Go to the online store and type in the zip code for the City of Folsom: 95630. You will have a choice of either the Folsom Mutual Aid System or the Folsom City Fire Department.

What is the difference between the Folsom Mutual Aid System and the Folsom City Fire Department Knox devices in their online ordering system?

The Folsom City Fire Department devices are a high-level security key vault meant to be installed on buildings to assist firefighters in entering the building under emergency conditions without causing unnecessary damage. The Folsom Mutual Aid System devices are only used on gates to apartment or large commercial complexes and are used by the both the Folsom Fire Department and assisting mutual aid fire departments to enter those complexes.

I am doing a property assessment: how do I request information on outstanding violations?

Companies requesting the current inspection status of a property must submit their request in writing on company letterhead to: City of Folsom Fire Department; Inspection Division, 535 Glenn Drive, Folsom, CA 95630

I am designing a fire apparatus access road: what is the turning radius of your fire apparatus?

Fire apparatus access road turns must be designed for a 25-foot inside turning radius and a 50-foot outside turning radius.

Where is the City of Folsom Fire Prevention Division?

The City of Folsom Fire Prevention Division is located in the headquarters fire station at 50 Natoma Street.  The Fire Prevention staff are frequently in the field. If you wish to stop by and speak with a staff member, please make an appointment first to ensure someone will be there. You can call the Fire Department's Fire Prevention Officers at (916) 351-3447 or

What is a fire inspection?

The best way to fight fires is to prevent them before they start. Routine building inspections are one of the most effective ways to do that. Fire Inspectors inspect commercial buildings, facilities and multi-family housing units. The purpose of the inspections is multifold:

  • To identify and correct fire code violations
  • To reduce the risk to residents and visitors to Folsom
  • To educate business and property owners about fire and life safety
  • To reduce fire loss (lower insurance rates)
  • To provide less demand on public emergency services by reducing fire and life safety risks

How often will my business be inspected?
The frequency of inspections within a business will vary between one to three years depending on the types of risks typically found in the community.

Why are fees charged for a fire code inspection?

The City of Folsom does not have sufficient resources to fund a comprehensive code enforcement program.  With current public demand for resources and staffing, The Folsom Fire Department cannot routinely inspect all buildings in the City.  The frequency of these inspections is one of the factors used by the insurance industry to determine insurance rates.  The purpose of establishing fees for fire safety inspections is to partially recover the cost of service delivery. 

How much is the inspection and permit fee?

The fee for your fire safety inspection is based on a schedule that considers occupancy type, occupancy use and square footage.  The fee scehule is based on the initial inspection and the one re-inspection.  Subsequent re-inspections may charged the failed re-inspection fee.  Some businesses may also require a fire code use permit(s), which also helps offset the cost of enforcing more detailed requirements of the fire code.  To see the currect Fire Department fees, click here: Fire Department Fee Schedule

What if I have questions about my fire code inspection and permit invoice?

Email your inspection fee and invoice questions to FolsomFire@folsom.ca.us, or call the City of Folsom Fire Department at (916) 984-2280.

Can I pay with a credit card over the phone?

No, the City of Folsom cannot accept payment of any fees by credit card. We can only accept checks, money orders and cash. For proper credit, please include your invoice number with any payment.

What are fire code permits?

There are two types of fire code permits required by the Folsom Fire Code to establish a reasonable degree of safety in commercial facilities: operational permits and construction permits.

An operational permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation or business for which a permit is required by the fire code. These permits are issued through the Fire Prevention Division

A construction permit allows the applicant to install or modify systems and equipment for which a permit is required by the fire code (i.e. fire alarm and sprinkler systems, hazardous materials storage, spraying and dipping operations).  Construction permits are issued through the City of Folsom Community Development Department.  They can be reached at (916) 351-3555.

 How do I get a fire code permit application?

  1. Call the Fire Department at (916) 984-2280 and request that an application be emailed, mailed or faxed to you, or
  2. By appointment, obtain a permit application in person at 50 Natoma Street, or
  3. Download a permit application here: Fire Code Permit Application  

How do I schedule an inspection?

It depends. Fire Prevention Officers may stop by your business as part of an regular inspection route. If it is an inconvenient time for an inspection, the Fire Prevention Officer will schedule a more convenient inspection time. If you are a new business or require fire code use permits, call the City of Folsom Fire Prevention Division at (916) 984-351-3448 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.– 4:30 p.m. You will be referred to the Fire Prevention Officer responsible for the inspection of your business to determine whether one is needed at this time.

How much time do I have to comply with the fire code?

A Fire Prevention Officer will issue you an inspection report detailing all the conditions that violate the fire code and could cause a fire and endanger life and/or property. These deficiencies must be corrected immediately. A re-inspection to verify the abatement of the deficiencies noted will be coordinated with the business owner and the Fire Prevention Officer. Failure to correct the deficiencies prior to the first re-inspection date will result in the issuance of a final correction notice and another date will be identified to verify compliance. Deficiencies not corrected on the second re-inspection may result in monetary civil penalties in accordance with FMC Chapter 1.09. These civil penalties will be above and beyond the inspection fees. Additionally, if the violation is of a serious life safety nature or shows a pattern of non-compliance, a criminal citation may be issued. 

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