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Whats new in Fire Prevention


Interested in learning about the Folsom mitigation plan for wildfires? 
CLICK Here for the Folsom Community Wildfire Protection Plan.


The California Health & Safety Code, Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, and the Folsom Fire Code require that users of model rockets obtain a permit from the Fire Department prior to launching model rockets due to the inherent dangers associated with pyrotechnic-based rocket motors.  The Folsom Fire Department needs these items to be completed prior to processing a permit for model rockets:

1. A completed
Fire Department Permit Application Form
2. The written approval of the property owner where the model rockets are to be launched.
3. A plot plan indicating the launch and recovery areas, with distances to buildings, powerlines, and streets.
4. A list of all rocket motors to be used, and their sizes.

More information can be found in the
Model Rocket Requirement Sheet.

Fire Hydrants, Fire Lanes, and Vehicles

Don't let this be you!!


Access to fire hydrants is critical in firefighting. Fire engines or "pumpers" use fire hydra
nts to supply the water that is then pumped out through fire hoses and nozzles to extinguish fires. Vehicles that block access to fire hydrants severely delay the fire department's ability to control fires and perform rescue operations. Parking in front of fire hydrants is a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 22514 and Folsom Fire Code Section 508.5.4. Violation of these sections will result in a fine and the vehicle may towed and impounded. Additionally, the vehicle owner can be held liable in a civil action for damages due to obstructing the fire department in the performance of its duties at an emergency.

Please don't park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane!

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