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FY 2005-2006 Budget

Cover and Table of Contents

I-1 City Manager's Budget Message
I-11 Budget Awards
I-16 Profile
I-18 Guide to the Budget
I-21 City Org Chart
I-22 Vision, Mission, and Core Values
I-23 Strategic Plan Goals
I-29 Budget Process and Calendar
I-31 Management and Budget Policies

Budget Summaries
II-1 Fund Description
II-8 Major Revenue Description
II-17 Appropriation Description
II-18 Fund Balance Summary
II-24 Historical Revenue Summary
II-28 Historical Expenditure Summary
II-33 Summary of Revenues by Fund
II-43 Summary of Appropriations by Fund
II-52 Operating Expenditure Summary by Program
II-53 Summary of Capital Outlay
II-54 Summary of Transfers
II-56 Vehicle Purchase Schedules
II-58 Summary of Staffing Positions

General Fund Summary
III-1 General Fund Summary

Departmental Presentations
IV-1 City Council
IV-5 City Manager
IV-11 City Attorney
IV-17 Administrative Services
IV-31 City Clerk
IV-37 Community Development
IV-45 Economic Development
IV-53 Finance
IV-75 Library
IV-81 Neighborhood Services
IV-95 Parks and Recreation
IV-115 Personnel
IV-123 Police
IV-139 Public Works
IV-155 Utilities
IV-173 Non-Departmental

Debt Management
V-1 Introduction
V-2 Credit Rating
V-2 Types of Debt Financing Instruments
V-4 Legal Debt Margin
V-5 Summary of Debt Positions

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP's)
VI-1 Introduction
VI-4 Summary of CIP Appropriation by Category
VI-12 Summary of Total CIP Appropriation by Category
VI-14 CIP Funding by Funding Source
VI-15 Culture and Recreation
VI-45 Drainage
VI-57 General Services
VI-73 Open Space and Greenbelt
VI-105 Sewer
VI-127 Streets
VI-165 Transportation
VI-191 Water

VII-1 Demographics
VII-2 Major Empolyers
VII-3 Appropriation Limit
VII-5 Resolution
VII-7 Glossary of Terms
Directory of Acronyms
VII-16 Index

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