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Tai Chi

Mild Tai Chi with Daniel Quincy

Learn and practice the Chinese health arts of T’ai Chi and Ch’i Kung (Qigong); improve balance, develop greater strength and flexibility; improve circulation and over all natural health; release tension, relax, breathe more deeply, sleep better; and also become more grounded, centered, and focused. Classes are ongoing.

Ages 18+

450011-03 Tu 11/3-12/29 4:00-5:00P

150011-01 Tu 1/5-1/26 6:30-8:00P

Location: Blanche Sprentz Elementary

Fee: $32 / $25 resident discount 

Tai Chi Chuan and Push Hands with Daniel Quincy

Learn, practice and play the Chinese internal martial art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan; release tension, relax, breathe more deeply, become more focused; develop greater flexibility, strength, and improve natural health. With T’ ui-Shou "Push Hands", play and get grounded and centered in a social, physically interactive setting; and become a master of your own space. Classes are ongoing.

Ages 18+

450010-03 Tu 11/3-12/29 6:00-8:00P

150010-01 Tu 1/5-1/26 6:00-8:00P

Location: Folsom Middle School

Fee: $52 / $45 resident discount

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