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Lifeguard Training Programs

2016 Lifeguard Training classes begin in March 2016!

The City of Folsom offers 2 different trainings.  If you are planning on working at the Folsom Aquatic Center during the 2016 summer then you will need to enroll in one of the two Ellis Lifeguard training programs offered in the Spring of 2016.  The class serves as an informal interview.  The sooner you get trained the sooner you can be offered a position with the City and establish your summer schedule. 

If you are NOT planning on working at the Folsom Aquatic Center then you should enroll in one of the two American Red Cross Training classes.

Contact Chad Gunter at 355-8319 for more information.  To register for either program call 355-8318 or 355-7285.

Ellis Lifeguard Training

This training course is REQUIRED to work at the Folsom Aquatic Center as a Lifeguard.  This training includes CPR, First Aid, and all Lifeguarding skills.  This training will provide successful participants with a lifeguard license that is valid only at participating aquatic facilities.
NOTE: online course completion with a score of at least 80% required before the mandatory pre-course date (Wednesday 6 - 8pm) before the weekend of your class.

120801-B1    F/Sa/Su    3/11 - 3/13/16    (Wednesday Pre-Course, 3/9, 6 - 8pm)
120801-B2    F/Sa/Su    4/1 - 4/3/16       (Wednesday Pre-Course, 3/30, 6 - 8pm)

Ages: 15+

Class hours:    Wednesday      6 - 8pm
                       Friday              5 - 9pm
                       Saturday          9 - 6pm
                       Sunday            9 - 6pm

Location:        Folsom Aquatic Center

Fee:                $150

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

American Red Cross Lifeguard training will provide you with the certification needed to work as a lifeguard.  Requirements for course:  300yd swim, retrieval of a 10lb brick in 7ft of water.  Fee includes all books and materials.  Participants required to pass swim test on first day of class: 300 yard swim, and brick retrieval.   Bring swim suit and change of clothes every class day.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start of each class. 

     Scott Seeba, 916-351-3362 

Ages:        15+

Dates:      3/21 - 3/24   (120901-B1)   Monday - Thursday    9am - 5pm


NOTE:  This class has an upfront fee of $185.  This is not a “blended” class and therefore they will not have an online portion to complete.  The participants will be given a workbook on the first day of class. You will notice that this class is longer than the other class offered. That is because they complete the workbook in class. All participants should bring a bathing suit, towel and clothes to change into when they are not in the water. (Call 355-8318 to register)

Dates:    5/6 - 5/8      (220901-B1)    Friday - Sunday (Friday, 5 - 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 - 6pm)

Fee:      $150 paid to the City of Folsom, $35 paid to Red Cross for on-line portion of class.

This class has an upfront fee of $150 and an online payment of $35 to the American Red Cross.  The participant will be getting an email with the link to register online with the American Red Cross so please double check their email is correct.  This is a “blended” class and therefore they will have about 6-8 hours of pre-work to complete prior to attending class.  You will notice that this class is shorter than the other class offered because they complete the workbook online.  All participants should bring a bathing suit, towel and clothes to change into when they are not in the water. 
(Call 355-8318 to register)

Location:  Folsom Aquatic Center

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