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Current Projects

The following is a list of trail projects you might encounter while using the Folsom Trail system. The Parks & Recreation Department is working hard to complete these trail sections with the ultimate goal of completing the 16-mile Humbug-Willow Creek Trail from Empire Ranch to Lake Natoma and connections from El Dorado County to Lake Natoma.

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues (Folsom Lake) Trail:  Historic Truss Bridge to Green Valley Road Segment
On October 26, 2010 The Folsom City Council renamed the Folsom Lake Trail to the Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues Trail.    This project is planned to provide approximately 2.5 miles of Class I bike / pedestrian trail from the Historic Truss Bridge to Green Valley Road (Sacramento / El Dorado County line).  A majority of the trail alignment will be within the Folsom Prison property.

The project is broken into three major segments of City of Folsom responsibility consisting of:
Phase 1 - Folsom Lake Crossing Bike / Ped Overcrossing to the Folsom Prison Road intersection (Work has started)
Phase 2 - Folsom Prison entry road with an undercrossing of Folsom Prison Road and a bridge over the ravine to Rodeo Park (existing trail end)
    Phase 3 - Folsom Lake Crossing Bike / Ped Overcrossing to the El Dorado County line (Bureau of Reclamation / State Parks)

The first segment of the trail includes a bike/pedestrian overcrossing of the Folsom Lake Crossing Road.  The rough grading of the approach ramp was completed in October 2011 in anticipation of the winter rains.  Construction design of the bridge and trail was completed in July 2013.  Bidding was completed in October 2013; however, the bids received were higher than anticipated.  Existing funding is being reallocated to enable an award in mid January 2014.  Significant funding for the bike / ped overcrossing and a portion of the trail has been secured with additional grant applications in process for funding of the remaining portions of the trail.

Contact Jim Konopka, Senior Trails Planner at (916) 351-3516 for more information.

Peddle Stop Bike Parking:  (Secure on-demand daily bike parking)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Photo by Jim Konopka

Photo by Jim Konopka

A new facility providing secured bike parking will be opening soon in the City parking structure located at Leidesdorff Street and Reading Street in the lower northwest corner (across from the Historic Folsom light-rail station).  Cyclists will have the ability to park their bikes in an enclosed, secure, facility while they travel by light-rail or visit historic Sutter Street.  This bike parking can be accessed by using the BikeLink System.

Register for the on-demand system at at 
http://www.bikelink.org/ Contact Jim Konopka, Senior Trails planner at (916) 351-3516 for more information.  

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail: Dos Coyotes Trail Segment

This trail segment is located behind the Dos Coyotes restaurant located at the intersection of Blue Ravine Road/Parkshore Drive and Folsom Boulevard. This section of trail continues the Humbug-Willow Creek Parkway Trail and will eventually connect to the State Parks – Lake Natoma Loop / American River Parkway Trail. This phase of the project is approximately 800-feet long with two bike/ pedestrian bridges. 

                                                                                                                                       The demolition of the decommissioned sewer pump station on Folsom Boulevard was approved by City Council in addition to this trail construction.  The demolition of  the building prepares the alignment for extension of the trail when funding is obtained.  It is anticipated that a grant application will be prepared for the 2013 review cycle.  We are optimistic that the trail will be funded and will be able to be constructed in 2014.

Contact Jim Konopka, Senior Trail Planner at (916) 351-3511 for more information.                                                                                                                                                

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail:   Levy Road / Blue Ravine Road Trail Connection

This proposed trail segment is located off of Blue Ravine Road at the crossing of Willow Creek and the railroad tracks.  This 700 lineal foot trail segment will connect the existing trail from Levy Park to the main HBWC Trail along Blue Ravine.  A bridge crossing of Willow Creek is included.  The project is funded through a RecTrails grant with matching funds from the City Tree Mitigation Fund.  Special studies required for the environmental review are complete.  The topographic survey is complete; however, other grant funded trail projects have precedent due to grant performance requirements. Design work will proceed through 2013 with a project bid in winter 2014 and expected construction in the spring of 2014.   

Contact Jim Konopka, Senior Trail Planner at (916) 351-3511 for more information.

East Bidwell Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing Project

July 21, 2010 - The bridges are installed
Video of nighttime installation 

The long awaited bike/ped overcrossing at East Bidwell Street was completed and dedicated at a Saturday, November 6, 2010 ceremony.
Compare this to the photo-simulation prepared in 2005. 
Click here to view City Council Approved Design

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Updated 12/18/13
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