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Tai Chi

Yangshi Taijiquan Gongfu

 with Daniel Quincy Sifu 


This is a youth oriented class, -- self-discipline and focus, as well as fun physical movement are underpinning for the curriculum. 

Traditional martial art physical conditioning and fundamentals of internal martial skill development are the focus of the curriculum of this class in the world renowned Yangshi style Taijiquan Gongfu (Yang Family style T'ai Chi Ch'uan Kung Fu).

In the second half of each weekly class students learn
** T'ui-Shou "Push Hands"
martial play two-person Forms, as well as competitive free-play 

[ Taijiquan Tuishou Push Hands is an international competition sport – the instructor for this class was a member of the ‘1990 Tai Chi Team USA’ which competed at international competitions in the Taiwan Republic of China];  and, students will also learn a sophisticated choreographed martial play sequence, the  ** San-Shou "Freed-Hands" 24-doubles-Forms set,  which will enable the detailed study of internal martial art Neijiaquan (Nei-Gia Ch’uan) principles.

The Chinese Internal Martial Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan is regarded as an 'ultimate' form of self-defense, ... a relatively non-violent art, for health and inner development, and indeed also a martial training worthy of a violent situation.

Youth will learn focus, discipline, how to pay attention, be grounded and centered, and they will learn to become a master of their own space.  These are important life skills for both girls and boys to learn in their early teens. 

This class is an opportunity to get in serious great shape, as well as have serious martial play fun;  this activity is excellent cross-training for many other sports.  

This is an ongoing class; new students, both girls and boys, are welcome to join the class at any time.

This is a Youth / Young Adult oriented class also because of the scheduling, as it is scheduled convenient for parents on 
TUESDAY afternoon 4:00 - 5:45 P.M.
at the
Gym Dance Room, Folsom Middle School,

500 Blue Ravine Road Folsom  CA 95630.

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