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What Do They Eat?

What do the zoo residents eat?
All of the zoo's residents are fed according to their individual dietary needs by zoo staff and volunteers. On holidays, the zoo residents get special treats like this Thanksgiving meal being delivered to the zoo's black bears.


What are the birds eating?
With captive animals it is very important for both their physical and physiological health to feed them a diet that closely resembles what they would eat in the wild. The birds of prey are fed rats, mice and quail that have been humanely raised and euthanized. We feed the kestrels mice, quail and crickets that have been commerically raised and humanely killed. Ravens eat a wide variety of foods, including meat, insects, small mammals and birds, eggs, shellfish and fruit. They are part of nature's clean up crew, with carrion a significant part of their diet.

What do the bears like to eat?
Although classified as carnivores, black bears are omnivorous, eating grass, flowers, leaves, seeds, nuts, berries, fish, eggs, ants, small animals and carrion. Like Pooh, they are fond of honey and will raid wild bee nests eating honey, honeycomb, bees and high protein larvae.

How about those big cats?
With captive animals, it is very important to feed them a diet that closely resembles what they would eat in the wild. The large carnivores are fed a prepared meat diet. Occasionally they will receive formally frozen quail, rabbits that have been humanely raised and euthanized, or roadkilled deer.

What do bobcats eat?
Diet favorites are quail, and chicken. In the wild they would also enjoy rabbit, ground squirrel, mice, gopher, wood rats and even deer.

What do the squirrels like to eat?
A squirrel's diet depends on different foods available each season, with acorns being eaten and stored as a winter food source. Squirrels will not store acorns with bugs in them. Their sense of smell is so keen that they recognize these as spoiled and reject them.

The pigs like to root around for...
Pigs use their unique snouts to root in the ground for insects, grubs, bulbs and roots. They eat leaves, nuts, eggs, small animals and carrion.

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