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Hoofed Animals

Hoof Stock of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Among the zoo's residents are some hoofed animals - feral pigs, horses, sheep, Zebu and deer.

Some pig! - Feral pig [Sus scrofa]
The pigs at the zoo are feral. A feral animal is a domestic animal living in a wild state, for one or many generations. Feral pigs live throughout the state and are considered a nuisance by many people, a treasure to some, and fair game to others. The responsibility for their control and removal falls to the California Department of Fish and Game. Some feral populations of pigs have crossbred with European wild boars that were once released in California for sporting purposes. Pigs use their unique snouts to root in the ground for insects, grubs, bulbs and roots. They eat leaves, nuts, eggs, small animals and carrion. Pigs don't sweat, so during warm weather they enjoy a wallow in mud to keep cool.

Young Feral Pigs Wilbur and Templeton
Wilbur and Templeton are the beautiful color of hand rubbed red mahogany, when they are not covered in mud! As with all pigs they are intelligent, compact and sturdy, moving through the world on their pointed cloven hoofed trotters. They came to the zoo from the California Department of Fish and Game. Pigs are endowed with many talents, not the least of which is the ability to dig big holes using their sturdy snouts, rooting out tubers and insects and other good things to eat. Unfortunately, if this big hole involves landscaped or farmed areas, it may be considered depredation and the pigs might be removed. So it was with the mother and siblings of Templeton and Wilbur.

Horses and Donkeys
Resident horse Gus was a Premarin foal. The foals are rescued from a Premarin foal auction in Canada. These horses are born to horses that are used in the manufacturing of estrogen Premarin - pregnant mare urine. In previous years the zoo has rescued several foals from auction and after several months has made them available for adoption. The program is currently suspended while construction continues in the pasture areas.  New Mini-horse DASHER has joined Gus.  About 4 years old he will not get any taller.  He can be seen in the pasture with the other hoof stock.

Donkeys Halle and Rosie hang out with the pasture animals also.

You will see the Barbados-cross sheep Princess and Maggie, in one of the large pasture areas. Joined in 2012 by Icelandic-suffolk male sheep Truffles. These field animals love the pasture grass and the hay delivered to them by zoo staff.

Jane, Tullulah, Tomomi and her twins, and Abigail have moved to the expansion area where there is more browse. The six seem to get along well.

Goats and Zebu's 
On occasion the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary exhibits goats to help with our Fire abatement in the expansion area. The goats visit for several weeks and munch their way through the undergrowth, mimimizing fire risk. www.goatcentral.com.  Two Zebu's reside at the rear of the zoo pasture area.

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