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Current Available Projects

Our focus for eagle scout projects will be on supporting Behavioral Husbandry for our animals.  Behavioral Husbandry involves stimulating animals with novel enrichment and training, and providing them with opportunities for choice, and for performing activites that would be typical for their species; it is a very high priority at our facility.  There are many objects and devices that could be made that support these goals.  The bulk of these projects would involve off-site work for the scout, making logistics easier for all, and would mainly involve woodworking or metal fabrication.  Some examples include platforms for training animals, puzzle feeders, swings, "T" perches for handling birds, and a myriad of others.  Non-construction opportunities include behavioral observations, setting up databases, producing educational videos, etc.

The Fort Worth Zoo has created a great informational resource for creating suitable enrichment items for individual species.  Please click here for ideas.

Please contact Jill Lute, by email at Jill Lute.


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