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Light Rail Safety


Is it still legal to make a right hand turn onto Folsom Boulevard from Glenn on a red light after coming to a complete stop and safe to do so? Or, are we required to make a stop behind the white line before the tracks and wait for a green light to make a right turn?


You may make a right turn with a red light on Glenn Dr. @ Folsom Blvd. after coming to a stop at the limit line and yielding until reasonably safe to proceed. After stopping at the limit line, you may ease your car forward until you can safely observe on-coming traffic and effect your turn. The key is you have to yield until it is safe to proceed; meaning that it is not safe to stop in the tracks, since you may not be able to make your turn safely before a light rail train comes. If there is sufficient room on the other side of the tracks to safely wait until it is safe to turn, you may wait there. The problem occurs when cars stack up across the tracks to wait for the right turn. If a train comes, there is no way for the cars to move out of the way, which is obviously going to be a problem.

Is it against the law to walk on the light rail tracks?


Do not walk on or within 20 feet of any rail road or light rail track.  Penal Code section 369i makes it a misdemeanor to walk on or near the tracks for the safety of the pedestrian as well as the safety of the train passengers.  Folsom has had more than one person hit by light rail trains, and the Sacramento Regional Transit experiences accidents between trains and people on a somewhat regular basis.

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