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The primary objective of the SWAT Team is LIFE SAVING.

SWAT is a co-lateral assignment and team members have regular duty assignments in other divisions and bureaus. Appointment to the SWAT Team involves a rigorous selection process. The process evaluates each candidate’s job performance, physical fitness level, firearm proficiency, and ability to work in a team-based environment.

Team operators train at least 20 hours every month to comply with POST standards. Training has taken on a more regional approach, and all training dates are now prescheduled a year in advance to facilitate multi-agency training coordination. This has elevated the training topics and provides an opportunity for teams to work together.

The team was utilized several times in 2009 to assist with high-risk search warrant entries and in progress tactical responses. All of these operations were conducted safely and without incident.

SWAT team operators complete yearly amongst themselves for the opportunity to represent their team at the Best of the West competition hosted by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. This is the largest competition of it's kind in the western United States. The Folsom Police representatives always competitively represent their fellow SWAT operators. 

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