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Preparing For Household Hazard Waste Pickups

TERMS of SERVICE: to help residents properly dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW):

Our program, described here, picks up common HHW through individual appointments. This is the place start as you prepare for your HHW Pickup.

Read this page to find out how you can safely dispose of your HHW. If you have a suspected HHW,
click on our HHW identification page to determine if your waste is a likely HHW. Always err on the side of caution: if you suspect that a waste is hazardous, treat it that way. Help us make your service as efficient as possible by collecting all of your hazardous waste for this one appointment.

If you have items that qualify for our HHW service (see examples of these items below or on our waste identification page), you can schedule a pickup online or via the Solid Waste Customer Service line at 355-8367 Option #2. Collection of the waste occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except for official City holidays. This service is available for Folsom residences, not businesses.  Businesses please call 355-8350 for collection information or go to the non-residential page.

Follow the instructions below for safely putting out your HHW for pickup.

1. Place your items well up on your driveway and nowhere near the curb. 

2. Have your items out before 7:30 AM on the day of your pickup. 

3. Make sure that the containers are leak-proof and that rain cannot wash chemicals from your items. 

4. Make sure no pets or people get into your waste. 

5. Note that completely empty containers can be recycled through your Blue recycle toter and not through this service. 

The categories of HHW waste that we accept through the service include the following:
Click on the links below to see actual examples of Hazardous Materials picked up by our program.  There is a more detailed list of HHW waste on our click on our HHW identification page.

Aerosol Cans

Fats, Oils & Greases (over 2 quarts, please see the FAQ section for more information.)
Fire Extinguishers
Fluorescent Lamps (including compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps. See below for how to put them out for us!)
Batteries (all types- 5 pound minimum if batteries are the only items being picked up. Please save up household batteries.)
Motor oil
Oil filters
Paint-related materials (oil & water based paint, deck stains, paint thinner, water repellant.)
Propane tanks
TVs and computer monitors (CRTs)
Consumer Electronics
(including VCRs, DVDs, Printers, Stereo Amplifiers, Microwaves and Computer CPUs)
Difficult To Handle Waste (corrosives, poisons, pool chemicals or cleaners)

How do you get access to the service? If you have eligible items, then sign up for a pickup through our hotline or through the online appointment form.

Place your waste out before 7:30 AM on the day of your pickup.

The cutoff time for appointments is 3:00 PM the day before the appointment day for your region. So if you place an appointment after 3:00 PM on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday, then your appointment will be set for the following Wednesday, Friday or Monday depending on your region. 

The online appointment system automatically shows you the available appointment days.

Instructions for safely preparing your HHW for pickup even if the containers are leaking.

Always ensure that your containers are leakproof. If you have a container that is leaking or looks like it may leak, then place the item in a Ziploc bag or in a plastic bucket.  See the bottom of this page for ideas on using a bucket.

When we pick up your waste, we will not return the containers that hold the waste. For example, if you leave out oil change kits, they will not be returned.

If you package your waste in containers that are not the original container of the waste (e.g., waste oil in a two-liter soda bottle), write a description of the contents on the container. If the contents of your waste are mixed, write the mixture on the container. For example, if you have some gasoline in your waste oil, write on the container "oil/gasoline" or "oil/antifreeze." In general, it is easier to recycle waste if it is not mixed.

An effective way to package used oil filters is to simply put them inside a sealed ziplock bag before placing them in a box to put on your driveway for pickup.
Here is a short video on how to put out your fluorescent lamps for recycling!


What if I break a CFL in my house? The US EPA has established new guidelines for cleaning up broken CFLs  http://www.epa.gov/cfl/cflcleanup-detailed.html

Using Alternative Products page provides information on how to find alternatives to household hazardous products.

Instructions for safely preparing your HHW for pickup.

  • We require that you set out your waste in way the prevents kids or pets from getting into waste.
  • Please make sure that none of the waste can leak from container or mix.
  • If there's a chance that your waste item will leak from its container, please call City staff (355-8350) for assistance. We will help you to properly package the waste so that it does not leak when we collect it from your house.
    to properly package the waste so that it does not leak when we collect it from your house
  • Place your waste out by your garage door and nowhere near the street!

Prepare waste for pickup by simply ensuring that it is accessible to Hazmat staff. There is NO need to place it all together in boxes particularly IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE THAT CHEMICALS WILL LEAK AND MIX. If you consolidate your HHW in boxes, only place compatible chemicals near each other. See the images below for more information about preparing your waste for pickup.


Different chemical groups to keep separated.

(pesticides and fungicides)




Click on the images below to learn more about labeling products that are in unmarked containers or about containing spilled chemicals.
If you are concerned that a spilled chemical may pose a hazard to your family or pets, give us a call for advice about the chemical. Call 355-8350.

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