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Annexation Current Documents

Some of these files are very large and will take a while to download.  To save them to your computer, right-click the link below and choose Save Target As...

        Notice of Intent - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        Mitigated Negative Declaration - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        Initial Study - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        FPA Recycled Water Analysis - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        FPA Water System Master Plan - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        FPA Wastewater Master Plan - So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure
        So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure - FPA Storm Drainage Master Plan - Vol. 1
        So. of Hwy 50 Backbone Infrastructure - FPA Storm Drainage Master Plan - Vol. 2

        Russell Ranch - Final EIR
        Russell Ranch - Draft EIR Vol. I
        Russell Ranch - Draft EIR Vol. II
        Russell Ranch - Draft EIR Vol. III
        Russell Ranch Notice of Completion and Availability of Draft EIR
        Russell Ranch Errata Sheet, April 8, 2015

        Mangini Ranch - CEQA Exemption & Streamlining Analysis    
        Mangini Ranch - Folsom Ranch Design Guidelines

        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 1 - Design Guidelines
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 2 - ROD for Backbone Infrastructure
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 3 - Air Quality and GHG Assessment
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 4 - CEQA Biological Resources Mitigation Report
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 5 - Letter Report on Cultural Resources
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 6 - Railroad Noise
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 7 - Traffic Evaluation
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 8 - FPASP Policy Consistency Analysis
        White Rock Springs Ranch - Exhibit 9 - Water Demand Comparison
        White Rock Springs Ranch - CEQA Exemption Checklist

Folsom Plan Area - Superior Court of State of California Judgment Validating Water Supply Agreement -- Oct. 16, 2013

City Council Meeting Dec. 11, 2012

Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan Project - An Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report for the Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan Project for Purposes of Analyzing an Alternative Water Supply for the Project; an Agreement Between the City of Folsom and Folsom Plan Area Landowners for a Water Supply and its Financing and Authorizing the Filing of an Action to Validate the Agreement

Special City Council Meeting Dec. 6, 2011

 Property Tax Sharing Agreement between the City and Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and the City and Sacramento County

 Agreement with Stoneridge Quarry 

 Agreement Relating to Transportation and Water Supply Issues

 Truck Management Plan Agreement

City Council Meeting Nov. 8, 2011
City Council Presentation Nov. 8, 2011 (Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan Project Tax Exchange Agreements)
Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan Staff Report

Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan (Public Facilities Financing Plan-Addendum)

 City Council Presentation April 26, 2011

Area Specific Plan - FINAL

Area Specific Plan - Facilities Financing Plan - DRAFT

Area Specific Plan Summary - DRAFT

Land Use Plan Map 

Section 3A 15 Traffic and Transportation Exhibits

Folsom NOA Final - New Comment Period 

Notice of Inadvertent Omission

A - Notice of Preparation
            B - Comments on Notice of Preparation
            C - Air Quality
            D - Biological Resources
            E - Cultural Resources
            F - Geology, Soils, Mineral Resources and Paleontological Resources
            G - Hazards and Hazardous Materials
            H - Draft Storm Drainage Master Plan
            I - Noise Data
            I - Traffic Noise Input/Output Sheets
            J - Traffic Level of Service Sheets
            K - Utilties
            L - 404(b)(1) On-Site Alternatives Analysis
            M - Water Supply Assessment and Master Plan
            N - Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan

Minor Modifications
            Master Responses            
            Federal Commenters
            State Commenters
            Local Commenters
            Individual Commenters
            List of Preparers
                O-On-Site Alternatives Analysis for Carpenter Ranch
                P-Operations and Management Plan-Open Space Corridor
                Q-Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Proposal
                R-Location of Proposed Water Quality/Hydromodificaion Basin
                S-Certified Mail Receipts
                T-MOU on Water Supply and Regional Water Management
                U-Noise Modeling Showing Soft Approach
                V-Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan
                Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations

                Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) 

Additional Responses to Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report and the Final Environmental Impact Report Folsom South of U.S. Highway 50 Specific Plan Project


Scott Johnson, Planning Manager
City of Folsom Community Development Department
50 Natoma St., Folsom, CA 95630

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