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Measure W 2004

In 2004, 69% of the Folsom electorate voted in favor of Measure W, an amendment to the City Charter regarding local control of the land south of Highway 50. 

Measure W reads as follows:

The City Council shall take the following actions prior to the approval by the Local Agency Formation Commission of the annexation of any of the land bounded by Highway 50, White Rock Road, Prairie City Road and the El Dorado County Line, hereafter referred to as "the Area."

A. Water Supply. Identify and secure the source of water supply(ies) to serve the Area. This new water supply shall not cause a reduction in the water supplies designated to serve existing water users north of Highway 50 and the new water supply shall not be paid for by Folsom residents north of Highway 50. 

B. Transportation. Adoption of an infrastructure funding and phasing plan by the City Council providing for the construction of roadways and transportation improvements that are necessary to mitigate traffic impacts caused by any development of the Area. The infrastructure funding and phasing plan shall identify the timing for construction of all transportation improvements, including any required improvements along the Highway 50 corridor, and the timing of the construction of those improvements shall be tied to the anticipated rate of growth and associated traffic impacts. Folsom residents north of Highway 50 shall not be required to pay fees for the construction of any new transportation improvements required to serve the Area.

C. Open Space. Adoption of a plan by the City Council requiring 30 percent of the Area to be maintained as natural open space to preserve oak woodlands and sensitive habitat areas. Natural open space shall not include active parks sites, residential yard areas, golf courses, parking lots, and their associated landscaping. 

D. Schools. Submission of a plan to the Folsom Cordova Unified School District providing for the funding and construction of all necessary school facilities for the Area, so that Folsom residents north of Highway 50 are not required to pay for the construction of new school facilities serving the Area and existing schools are not overcrowded by development in the Area. 

E. Development Plan. Adoption of a General Plan Amendment by the City Council to serve as the blueprint for development in the Area. The General Plan Amendment for this Area shall only be adopted after the completion and certification of an Environmental Impact Report. The environmental review shall include an evaluation of cultural, archaeological and prehistoric resources. 

F. Public Notice. The General Plan Amendment for the Area shall only be adopted by the City Council after comprehensive public meetings and hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council. Every registered voter in the City shall be mailed a notice of the time, place and date of the public meetings and hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council, along with a summary report on the proposed development plan. Further, the summary of the development plan and a summary of the associated environmental review shall be available for public review in the City Clerk's Office, at all Folsom public libraries, and on the City website. 

G. Implementation. All existing City plans, policies, ordinances, and other legislative acts shall be amended as necessary, as soon as possible and in the time and manner required by State law, including the California Environmental Quality Act, to insure consistency between this Charter Amendment and those plans, policies and other provisions. Any plans required to be adopted by the City Council in subsections (A) through (E) of this section shall only be adopted after compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and upon adoption shall take precedence over any other plans or policies relating to the Area, regardless of the manner, method or time of enactment. (Added by a vote of the people, Nov. 2, 2004 election). 



































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