Approval Needed for Festival of Lights Fireworks

The Indian festival is traditionally celebrated with Safe and Sane fireworks.  Folsom Municipal Code Section 9.36.040 generally prohibits the discharge of fireworks after the 4th of July holiday, however the City has authorized the discharge of fireworks by celebrants of Divali/Deepavali provided permission is granted by the Fire Department.

Applicants who would like to apply may submit an email to  with the following information: 

1.       Name, address, and telephone number of applicant.
2.       Address where Safe and Sane fireworks will be discharged.
3.       Date when fireworks will be discharged.
4.       Time of firework discharge.
5.       A list of all Safe and Sane fireworks to be used.
6.       Number of people expected to attend the celebration.   

Those without access to email may submit application letters to Fire Department Headquarters, 535 Glenn Drive, Folsom.  

The use and discharge of Safe and Sane fireworks for this celebration must be conducted under adult supervision and according to the firework manufacturers’ safety directions. 

Permission will be given for the use of Safe and Sane fireworks only. The use of dangerous and illegal fireworks is still prohibited within the City of Folsom and State of California.