Earn a Blue Thumb for Water Efficiency

Sponsored by the Regional Water Authority (RWA) and 19 local water providers, the campaign also features Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Meterologist Elissa Lynn, the Sacramento River Cats and regional community residents who have earned their Blue Thumbs by using water efficiently outdoors.

The public service campaign focuses on landscape water efficiency because most water use occurs outdoors.  With the region's hot, dry climate and long summer season, more than 65 percent of a household's yearly water consumption typically goes toward landscape irrigation.  Of that, 30 percent is lost due to overwatering or evaporation.

The campaign features Teresa and other residents in their own yards talking about how they earned their Blue Thumb through every-day tasks such as making sure sprinklers water the lawn instead of the sidewalk, adjusting irrigation systems according to the season or using an automatic shut-off valve on hoses.

The Blue Thumb campaign runs through August.
Click here to learn more and sign up to earn YOUR BLUE THUMB.