City Council Adopts FY 2010-11 Budget

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View FY 2010-11 Preliminary Budget Document 

In presenting the proposed budget, City Manager Kerry Miller noted: “We looked at every possible nuance and option in an effort to create a sustainable budget that is sensitive to service priorities.  Many of the staff who prepared this budget live in Folsom and care deeply about the quality of life in our community.”  

The new budget derives savings from a reorganization of the Public Works, Utilities, Community Development, Redevelopment and Housing, Finance, Administrative Services and Economic Development departments.  In addition, several functional activities, such as engineering and maintenance, will be consolidated for greater efficiency. 

The budget includes the elimination of 50.5 staff positions, of which 30 are currently filled.  In addition, significant concessions made by employee bargaining groups in prior years, such as furloughs and deferrals of cost-of-living and merit increases, also continue in the coming fiscal year.   

“While it is very difficult and painful to lose valued employees, restructuring and right-sizing our work force is a necessary and responsible step toward a long-term sustainable future for our City,” Miller said. “During the next month we will continue to work with our bargaining units to identify additional savings that may allow us to retain some positions.”  

Miller noted that four key principles guided preparation of the FY 2010-11 Budget -- 1) Preserving the unallocated reserve fund at current levels; 2) Maintaining a service level balance in recognition that all services contribute to Folsom’s quality of life; 3) Identifying opportunities for improved efficiencies and reorganization while minimizing public impacts; and 4) Ensuring short and long-term sustainability. 

The City Council received public comment on the FY 2010-11 Budget proposal during budget workshops and public hearings in April and May. 

“As we move into the new fiscal year, it’s encouraging to see that Folsom is maintaining property values and we expect to see a modest growth in revenues this year,” said Miller.  “Our bond ratings are high and our unemployment rate is the lowest in the region.  We are aggressively pursuing economic development opportunities and feel optimistic about Folsom’s future.


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