Annexation DEIR Comments under Review

Specific Plan &
Draft Environmental Impact Report

Copies of the Specific Plan and DEIR are available for viewing:
City of Folsom City Clerk's Office, 50 Natoma St.
Folsom Public Library, 411 Stafford St.
Folsom Public Library, 1970 Broadstone Parkway

The Final EIR/EIS will be posted after it is completed.

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News Release -- June 30, 2010
Folsom Planning Area Takes Major Step Forward 

With release of a draft Specific Plan and a draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) this week, the City of Folsom took a significant step in planning for annexation of a 3,600-acre area south of Highway 50. 

“The Specific Plan and DEIR set the stage for the City’s review of this long-awaited plan for guiding Folsom’s future growth,” said Mayor Jeff Starksy.  “Folsom has adopted strict but reasonable guidelines for our expansion.  I look forward to working with the landowners, with our City staff and with Folsom residents to deliver the best annexation plan possible for meeting the future needs of our City.” 

The Folsom Planning Area Specific Plan features: 

  • 30 % open space – 1,000 acres of open space and wetland corridors, including the region’s largest tract of protected oak woodlands – plus 120 acres of neighborhood parks.
  • A strong traffic relief and community connectivity program featuring creations of alternatives to Highway 50 and heavily used local roads; establishment of a major new public transit corridor through the middle of the planning area; major support toward completion of a connector road from I-5 and Elk Grove to Folsom and El Dorado Hills at White Rock Road; and internal trip generation through a jobs-housing balance.
  • An independent source of water, already contracted from the Natomas Central Mutual Water Co., to be transported through a new pipeline from the Sacramento regional water facility in Freeport, at no cost to existing Folsom residents.
  • Provision for expansion of the City of Folsom’s bike and hiking trail system south of Highway 50, and generation of future tax revenues to support the system.
  • New schools to serve thousands of children.
  • Mayor economic stimulus for the City and region, including a regional destination shopping and entertainment district generating millions of dollars in new sales tax revenues to support local government; up to 13,000 jobs in retail, commercial and office worksites as well as schools, parks and public and quasi-public facilities in the area; a comprehensive mix of types of housing – more than 10,000 new residences, including large- and small-lot homes and high-density condominiums and apartments. 

The Specific Plan is consistent with Measure W, approved by Folsom City voters in 2004, minimizing the impact of future development in the planning Area on existing residents, and requiring that the full cost for water, schools and roadways be borne by the new area. 

Project planners already have secured an independent source of water from the Natomas Central Mutual Water Co., to be piped from the Sacramento regional water facility in Freeport, at no cost to existing Folsom residents.  The water supply also is consistent with Water Forum Agreement principles designed to protect American River flows, to protect groundwater and to retain water within the region. 

“We’re excited to move on to the public review portion of this process,” said Ardie Zahedani, speaking on behalf of property owners south of Highway 50.  “We think people will be pleased with the steps we’ve taken to make this one of the best land-use proposals ever in the Sacramento region.” 

In addition to Measure W and the Water Forum agreement, the proposed expansion complies with the City of Folsom’s public 2005 Visioning Project and the resulting Annexation Concept Plan adopted by the City Council, establishing the land-use vision for the area. 

The proposed project also was guided by Smart Growth principles adopted by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments and SACOG’s Blueprint Plan to lessen environmental impacts of future development through development contiguous to existing urban areas; comprehensive transit and transportation measures; employment and housing balance; and proximity of commercial and other support services to neighborhoods. 

Next Steps: 

  • August 2 – City of Folsom public workshop/open house on the Specific Plan and DEIR, 5 – 7 p.m., Folsom Community Center, 52 Natoma St.
  • August 4 – Folsom Planning Commission public hearing to receive comments on the Specific Plan and DEIR, 6:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 50 Natoma St.
  • Sept. 10– End of the public comment period on the DEIR. 

Written comments on the DEIR must be postmarked no later than Aug. 16, 2010 and should be sent to Gail Furness de Pardo, City of Folsom Community Development Department, 50 Natoma St., Folsom 95630. 

Copies of the Specific Plan and DEIR may be viewed in the City Clerk’s Department at City Hall, 50 Natoma St. and the Folsom Public Library buildings at 411 Stafford S. and 1970 Broadstone Parkway.  The documents are also available at