Make a Difference! Volunteer to Plant Trees

 City Arborist Ken Menzer notes that this busy roadway is one of Folsom’s largest generators of heat, pollution and traffic.  “The street is in need of shade, beautification and plant life to absorb pollutants,” says Menzer.  “We have secured grant funding to purchase the trees and local merchants have donated tools.  Now we need able-bodied volunteers willing to lend a hand.” 

Volunteer Isabella Barcellona, a junior at Folsom High School, is assisting Menzer as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project.  Interested volunteers may email or Menzer at 

Volunteers will receive free T-shirts. Food and beverages will be provided.  Additional information is posted on Facebook (Folsom’s Green-Up Project).   

“Trees are a huge and vital asset to our community,” says Menzer.  “A well-maintained tree canopy increases property values, cools the area and makes our city more livable.”