Fire Safety Open House Saturday, Oct. 9

Fire Safety Open House
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 9
Fire Station #35
535 Glenn Dr. (across from Walmart)

The City of Folsom's public safety employees and volunteers will teach residents:

  • how to plan and practice escape from a home in case a fire occurs
  • safe use of home electrical systems and appliances
  • proper selection and use of fire extinguishers
  • other important skills and methods to prevent fires

Stay safe during Fire Prevention week and year-round by reviewing the following information and taking action!

  • Cooking:  Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling or broiling food.  If you leave the kitchen for even a short period of time, turn off the stove.
  • Heating:  Keep all things than can burn, such as paper, bedding or furniture, at least three feet away from heating equipment.
  • Electrical:  Replace cracked and damaged electrical cords, use extension cords for temporary wiring only.  Consider having additional circuits or receptacles added by a qualified electrician.
  • Smoking:  If you smoke, smoke outside.  Whenever you smoke, use deep, sturdy ashtrays.

Fire Departments have observed Fire Prevention week for 87 years, making it the longest running public health and safety observance on record.