Help Keep Children Safe on Roads

City Traffic Engineer Mark Rackovan urges motorists to:

  • Turn on headlights during dawn and dusk, or better yet, always have headlights on when driving
  • Pay special attention at intersections, not only for approaching vehicles, but also for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone or texting

Rackovan encourages parents to discuss safety tips with children, including:

  • Make sure kids wear bike helmets, it can save lives. 
  • Wear bright colored clothing for increased visibility.
  • Never assume that a motorist sees you.  Make eye contact with the driver so that they know you are crossing the road. 
  • Walk your bicycle in crosswalks, remembering that motorists might not have time to react to a fast-moving bicycle.  (It’s also illegal to ride a bike in a crosswalk.) 
The City has installed new signs and pavement markings at crosswalk on Blue Ravine Road near Sutter Middle School, and on Golf Links Drive near Empire Oaks Elementary School.  These signs direct motorists to stop at a line 25 feet prior to the crosswalk when pedestrians are present and are enforceable by the Folsom Police Department.