Bird Aviary Opens at Zoo Sanctuary June 4

The Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary will cut the ribbon for the zoo's new $105,000 bird aviary at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 4.  The new aviary will be home to rescued ravens, red-tailed hawks and an eagle. A second eagle is expected to arrive this summer. 

“The beautiful new structure has four exhibit spaces to house our family of birds,” says Zoo Sanctuary Manager Jocelyn Smeltzer.  “We are eager to show it off and invite the community to join us for the brief ceremony.  The Friends of the Zoo will have small gifts for all children in attendance.” 

The aviary was funded by the Bosack & Kruger Charitable Foundation, the Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, Inc. and donations.  

“Visitors may also meet some new animals, including two handsome rare male zebus on loan for three months,” says Smeltzer.  “The zebus, also known as humped cattle, are naturally small, just 42 inches at the shoulder, with distinctive humps, droopy ears and large dewlaps.  They are adorable.” 

The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is located in City Lions Park on Stafford Street (behind the Folsom Public Library).  Visit or call (916) 351-3527 to learn more. 

Since opening in 1963, the Zoo Sanctuary has provided sanctuary to animals that were injured or orphaned in the wild, or raised and rejected as wild pets.  Currently, more than 80 animals, including tigers, bears, mountain lions, deer, monkeys, parrots, foxes and wolves, reside at the Zoo Sanctuary.