Think Safety 1st on July 4th Holiday

Have a Safe & Sane 4th of July Weekend

Remember that fireworks may ONLY be discharged between noon on June 28th and midnight July 4th.

The City of Folsom Fire Department encourages residents to take the following  precautions when using fireworks during the July 4th Holiday Period:

§  Use only California State Fire Marshal approved Safe N Sane fireworks.

§  Always read manufactures directions regarding the safe use of fireworks .

§  Always have an adult present when using fireworks.

§  Use fireworks in outdoor areas only. Never discharge fireworks inside buildings or near people.

§  Never use fireworks near dry grass or other combustible materials.

§  Light one firework at a time.

§  Keep a safe distance from fireworks when they are being discharged.

§  Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

§  Never experiment with fireworks.

§  Have a bucket of water and a hose handy.

§  Never attempt to re-light or “fix” fireworks.

§  Do not wear loose fitting clothing.

§  Never carry fireworks in your pockets.

 Fireworks may only be discharged in the City between June 28 and July 4, 2012.

 The Fire Department reminds residents that fireworks without the “Safe and Sane” label (including firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles and aerial shells) are illegal and the use or possession of them can carry a minimum fine of $1,000.

 Fireworks of all types are prohibited in the following areas of the City:

 1.    City Hall complex including Lions Park, Folsom Zoo Sanctuary, Rodeo Park, Folsom Public Library, Community Center, Senior & Arts Center and Folsom Police Department.

2.   Kemp Park (1322 Bundrick Drive)

3.   B.T. Collins Park (828 Willow Creek Drive)

4.   Lew Howard Park (7100 Baldwin Dam Road)

5.   Hinkle Creek Nature Area (7100 Baldwin Dam Road)

6.   Lembi Community Park – Except the paved parking lot areas (1302 Riley Street)

7.   Willow Springs Reservoir

8.   Livermore Community Park (6004 Riley Street)

9.   Hazel McFarland Park (1780 East Natoma Street)

10. Philip C. Cohn Park (100 Prewitt Drive)

11. Catlin Park (825 Russi Road)

12. Nisenan Community Park (Golf Links Drive)

13. Folsom Kids Play Park

14. All City Bike Trails

15. Private Property that has been posted by the owner per Folsom Municipal Code Section 9.36.190

Report suspicious activity and violations to the Folsom Police Department, (916) 355-7230.