Council Approves Utility Rate Changes

The utility rate changes will take effect in December and will include:

  • a $4 monthly increase for residential water use
  • no change in sewer rates
  • no change in residential or commercial solid waste collection rates
  • an adjustment in solid waste roll-off rates (large debris bins)

The rate changes also include citywide water meter rates that will take effect in January 2013, replacing the current residential flat water rate.  State law mandates that Folsom bill for actual water use by 2013.

For additional information, call the Water Division, (916) 351-3361 or Utility Billing, (916) 355-7295.  Please leave a message and an employee will return your call.  You may also send an email to: or click on the following link.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

1.  How will this rate change affect my monthly water bill?  

Beginning in December 2011, your monthly water bill will increase by $4 per month (from $33.55 to $37.55).  Beginning in 2013, a second year rate increase of five percent will occur, and you will be charged a meter rate for actual water use (see questions #6 & 7).   

2.  Is there going to be an increase in my garbage and sewer service?  

No, there is no increase in residential garbage or sewer service.  

3.  What increase will there be in solid waste?  

There is no increase for residential solid waste service, but there is an increase for solid waste commercial roll-off rates (large debris boxes 10, 20, 30, 40 yard boxes and 3 and 4 yard compacted bin service).  

4.  Why is there a rate increase for roll-off boxes?  

The current charges do not cover the cost to provide this service.  The roll-off rates are still competitive within the region, actually below regional suppliers in most cases.  

5. Why are the water rates changing?  

These rate increases are necessary due to Rehabilitation and Replacement Projects and State Water Management Regulatory Requirements.  The City has postponed critical construction projects to rehabilitate the existing system for several years due to a lack of sufficient funding.  These increases will help the City avoid extremely costly emergency repairs, as well as meet state requirements for reducing City-wide consumption of water.

6.  What do I need to know about the water rate increases? 

The two-year water rate adjustment to designed to offset projected revenue needs related to rehabilitation and replacement projects and state regulatory requirements.  The first year increase will be $4 per month for a flat rate of $37.55.  The second year increase represents a five percent increase equivalent to a $39.55 flat rate. However, that rate would be converted to meter rates to comply with State law mandates that the City bill for actual water usage by 2013.   

Starting Jan. 1, 2013, all residential customers will pay a low monthly base rate, plus a commodity rate based upon actual usage in order to comply with State Law.  This metered rate structure is similar to your gas & electric bills. The City’s intent is to develop a metered water rate that allows for residents who use an average amount of water per month (22.5 ccf or approx. 17,000 gallons) to receive metered rate bills that are comparable to a 2013 equivalent flat rate of $39.55 (if the City had not converted to meter rates).   

7.  What are the 2013 residential water rates? 

After further review, the City’s rate consultant recommended that we lower the proposed commodity rates that were listed in the mailer sent to all residents in mid-August.  These lower rates are now in line with the City’s intent to meet projected revenue requirements with rates that would be consistent with a monthly flat rate of $39.55 (if the City had not converted to meter rates). 

2013 Metered Water Rate 

Residential Customers


Jan. 2013
Meter Rate 

Single Family

$ 15.00 base plus water used

Single Family Low Income

$  9.45 base plus water used

Manufactured Home

$  6.83 base plus water used

Manufactured Home Low Income

$  4.27 base plus water used



Residential Water Use
(One CCF = 748 Gallons)

Commodity Rate

0-20 CCF

$ 1.08 per CCF

20-40 CCF

$ 1.30 per CCF

Over 40 CCF

$ 1.60 per CCF











  *Metered rates were structured to provide the average water user (22.5 ccf per month or 17,000 gallons) comparable bills to an equivalent 2013 flat rate of $39.55. 

8.  What has the City done to reduce costs & become more efficient? 

The City has instituted numerous cost saving measures and streamlined operational divisions to improve efficiencies, including: 

·      Combining work crews in the water division, rather than hiring new staff, to meet expanding metering division workload 

·         Re-routing of solid waste routes to streamline solid waste collection workloads  

·      Investing in technology rather than staffing to reduce labor costs, such as the fixed network meter reading system and database management systems 

·      Optimizing power, fuel and chemical consumption at the water treatment plant and distribution system.  

9.  When was the last rate increase and who approved it?  

 The last water rate increase was approved by the City Council in April 2008.  

10.  What can I do to conserve water usage?  

The City provides conservation workshops and informational public meetings.  For a free in-home consultation by City water conservation experts, call (916) 355-7252 to schedule an appointment.  

11.  How can I prepare for meter billing in FY 2013?  

Use on-line water use data for your property that will be available starting in 2012.  Your 2012 utility bill will include a flat rate bill for payment, plus an informational meter rate bill showing the actual volume of water used and the amount that would be due under meter rates. Call water conservation experts for a free in-home consultation and attend free workshops and public meetings for water conservation tips.  

12.  If I have additional questions, who should I call? 

City of Folsom, Water Division 351-3361, or Utility Billing 355-7295. 


( Folsom 2011 Water Rate Study )