Council Honors Palladio Public Art


Rome may have the Coliseum, but Folsom has Palladio.  And, when it comes to both art and architecture, Palladio competes valiantly.  On Nov. 8, the Folsom City Council and Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission presented Elliott Homes with a Resolution of Commendation for outstanding contribution to the Public Art Collection in Folsom, and an Arts Achievement Award.  The commendation was accepted by Harry Elliott IV and Price Walker of Elliott Homes; Cindy Strickland, art consultant; and J. Randall Smith and Phill Evans, artists.  

The award was presented in recognition of the Public Art that Elliott Homes incorporated into the Palladio at Broadstone Lifestyle Center located in Folsom. This project was originally approved with a condition to add public art to the project. Early on, City staff met with the developer to discuss the addition of art and Elliott Homes embraced the idea. They retained the services of art consultant Cindy Strickland, who brought artists J. Randall Smith and Phill Evans to the project.  

Elliott Homes commissioned 14 separate works of arts from these artists. The art work can now be seen throughout the project, from the “Film Festival” by Phill Evans located in front of the movie theaters, to the “Herons de Palladio” located in the fountain at the Piazzo Fiori. With the completion of this artwork, Palladio at Broadstone has become a destination for shopping, entertainment, dining and art. 

Community and Cultural Services Manager Sandy Hilton worked with the developer.  She noted, “Elliott Homes exemplifies how adding art to public spaces enhances and encourages public participation in those spaces. Their willingness to add art work serves as an example to other developers.  The inclusion of these art works adds character, depth and dimension to the project and is sure to make Palladio a destination location.”    

Also receiving Arts Achievement Awards from the Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission for outstanding contribution to the arts are Marsha Williams–Miller for her work in founding and sustaining the Folsom Symphony; Barbara Otey for her work in growing the Folsom Arts Association and numerous other community arts projects; and Cynthia Abraham for her work in developing and running the Gallery at 48 Natoma.