The Parkway Receives National Trail Award

Parker Development Company recently received a National Trails Award for The Parkway at Blue Ravine, based on a nomination submitted by the City of Folsom and The Friends of Folsom Parkways.  Kirk Bone, Parker Development Company’s Director of Government Relations, accepted the award at the American Trails International Trails Symposium in Arizona.

“Parker Development Company was honored to receive the award, and even more honored that the City and The Friends of the Folsom Parkways nominated us for this prestigious award,” says Bone.  “We deeply appreciate the recognition by our local partners of the quality of trails in The Parkway.”

The national award honors quality, well-designed, multi-use trails that are integrated into private developments to encourage active lifestyles, reduce reliance on automobiles and preserve and promote natural areas. 

“The Parkway’s five miles of trails run the entire length of the Humbug-Willow Creek Parkway,” says Folsom’s Senior Park Planner Jim Konopka, who submitted the nomination.  “These trails are used for all types of recreational activity including walking, jogging, biking, bird watching and bicycle commuting.  Rest areas offer seating and viewing areas.”

Fourteen observation and interpretive sites along the five mile trail provide insight into Folsom’s mining history.  Surface gold mining operations along the Humbug-Willow Creek began in the early 1900’s and continued into the 1930s.  A few sections of the trail have preserved remnants of the mining activities that can be seen from the trail.

“Parker Development Company also recreated an existing riparian stream corridor through the site, linking existing forests, wetlands and ponds together,” says Konopka. “They hired experts in the environmental planning and habitat management field to help preserve hundreds of native animals and plant species.  These trail elements are identified in the many interpretive signs along the trail.”

The completion of the five miles of trails within The Parkway project was the first phase of trail development along the planned 16-mile Humbug-Willow Creek Corridor.  These trails provide direct access for cyclists and pedestrians to six mini-parks, three large community parks, an elementary school, and at the north end of the project, a large retail center that includes Raley’s and many other businesses.

“The residents in The Parkway project, and neighboring communities, are very fortunate to have such a wonderful trail system in their backyard with access to so many popular destinations,” says Konopka. 

He notes that the 16-mile Humbug-Willow Creek corridor trail now provides access to three additional schools, retail centers, large employment centers, parks and other popular trails.