Emergency exercise at Intel Wednesday

Federal, state and local first responders will participate in an exercise on July 17 at the Intel Corporation Campus in Folsom. 

The purpose of the exercise is to test procedures and interagency cooperation in the event of a hazardous materials incident. Participating organizations include the Intel Corporation, City of Folsom, Folsom Police and Fire, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department, FBI and the California National Guard. 

“The exercise gives first responders from multiple agencies an opportunity to work together in a simulated emergency so that we can better protect lives and property should a real world incident occur,” said California National Guard Maj. Patrick Slavin, the exercise director.  

The exercise begins the morning of July 17 with an evacuation drill at the campus, 1900 Prairie City Rd. Emergency vehicles will arrive on the scene, but traffic will not be disrupted. 

For more information on the exercise, contact Capt. Shannon Terry at 916-854-3874.