Trails: Walk & jog on left for safety

Goss says Folsom follows the same basic trail rules as Sacramento County Regional Parks and the American River Parkway, and these rules are based on the California Vehicle Code.

“As kids, we all learned that if we didn’t have a sidewalk, we should walk on the left side of the street facing traffic in order to see cars approaching,” says Goss.  “That same logic applies to our bike trails.  Pedestrians should walk on the left, preferably on the shoulder of the trail, so they can see approaching cyclists who may be traveling as fast as 15 miles per hour.  Making eye contact with approaching trail users is vitally important to avoiding incidents.”

Folsom Police Commander Rick Hillman encourages pedestrians and cyclists to follow trail rules.  “While these rules are not law, following them is the right thing to do to help ensure your safety, and the safety of others who enjoy the recreational trails.”

Trail Safety Rules for Walkers & Runners

·         Walk on the left & use the left shoulder when it is accessible
·         Walk/run single file or two-abreast if one is on shoulder
·         Keep your dog on the shortest possible leash
·         Keep all strollers on the left side of the trail with full view of approaching cyclists
·         Stay alert if talking on phone or texting

Trail Safety Rules for Cyclists

·         Observe the 15 mph speed limit (or slower if trails are busy)
·         Wear a helmet (required for those under 18 and a good idea for all)
·         Pay attention, stay in your lane and watch for potential hazards on trails including uneven pavement, wet leaves, etc.
·         Don’t wear headphones and avoid use of phone
·         Parents should stay close to kids who are learning to ride and be sure they understand trail rules