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The Folsom City Council agendas and agenda packets are now available online.  Please read the instructions below to familiarize yourself with this new system.

Agendas are posted online at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and are provided for the convenience of the public. Although every effort is made to ensure their accuracy and completeness, the agendas, as posted to our website, are subject to change. The official agenda is available in the City Clerk’s Department. Please contact the City Clerk at 916-355-7270 to obtain any changes or revisions to the agenda that may have occurred after the agenda was posted to our website and prior to the meeting date.


  1. Select a meeting from the list on the left-hand window.
  2. Scroll down the agenda in the middle window and click on the link for the agenda item that you wish to view.
  3. From the “List of Documents” in the upper right-hand window, select the item you wish to view.
  4. From the “List of Pages” in the lower right-hand window, click either the “All Pages” link or the individual page link.  The “All Pages” link will open the staff report in a PDF format, and may be the easiest way for most users to view the staff report.