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Garbage and Recycling Collections FAQ

How can I exchange one of my carts for a different size?

The garbage and recycling carts come in 64-gallon and 96-gallon sizes. The green waste carts come only in the 96-gallon size. Residents may request a service change up to three times per year. Please call the Solid Waste Collections Division at 916-461-6730 and a customer service representative will coordinate your cart exchange.

How can I recycle if I live in an apartment?

Residents in a number of the city's multi-family dwellings can recycle their junk mail, newspapers, beverage containers and other materials all in one dumpster. Recyclables are commingled into designated white dumpsters that can be identified by signs with the chasing arrows symbol. Residents can also get a free tote carrier (while supplies last) to conveniently store and carry their recyclables to the recycling dumpster. For additional information or to find out if your apartment complex is participating, please call 916-461-6730.

My cart was missed. What can I do?

Please call the Solid Waste Collections Division at 916-461-6730. Your cart will be dumped the same or next day.

Who may I call about billing questions?

If you have billing questions, please call the Revenue Division at 916-461-6101.

Does the City provide dumpster rentals for construction and demolition materials?

Yes, both the City and private vendors provide roll-off boxes. Please call 916-461-6730 for more information.

How do I recycle or dispose of electronic and household hazardous waste?

To schedule a household hazardous waste pickup or learn about the City’s program call 916-461-6730.

Are there any "drop-off" recycling locations in Folsom?

Yes, a list of drop-off locations is provided on our website.

What if my service lands on a holiday?

Garbage, recycling and green waste services are provided on all holidays. Place your carts out as you normally would.

How do I make an appointment to have Household Hazardous Waste removed?

You can schedule removal of HHW on our website.

Where can I find rate information?

Rate information is provided on our website for each service. Separate pages are provided for residential rates, commercial rates, temporary dumpster services and special events.

How do I request a Neighborhood Cleanup appointment?

The Neighborhood Cleanup Program is provided to get rid of bulky items that will not fit in your regular waste containers. Appointments are available online or by calling Solid Waste Division customer service at 916-461-6730.

Can I view my recycling and green waste collection schedule online?

Yes, you can view the schedule online or request a printed copy by email.

How can I keep track of my recycling week and my green waste week?

The recycling and green waste is picked up on your regular garbage day, alternating every other week. Printed collection schedules are mailed annually. You can also view your collection schedule on our website.

What materials should be placed in the recycling, green waste and garbage carts?

A list of acceptable items is provided on our website. If you are still unsure about a specific item, you may call customer service at 916-461-6730 or email us at to advise which cart to use.

Where can I find more information about recycling?

The Solid Waste Collections Division provides information about your curbside recycling service. Information about other recycling services can be found by visiting our Recycling Division Web page.