Historic District Parking Solutions Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee was established to explore possible solutions to alleviate traffic and parking concerns in the residential portions of the Historic District. The eleven-member Committee is expected to complete its work by March 2020 (one year from formation).  Establishing Resolution

Committee meetings will be conducted in accordance with the California Brown Act, which means that the meetings will be open to the public and agendas will be posted in advance of the meetings.  At least six members must be in attendance at each meeting in order achieve a quorum.

Interested in receiving meeting agendas? Email your request to be added to the agenda distribution list.

Upcoming Meetings:
  August 8, 2019 6:30 pm - Agenda Packet
  Public Works Large Conference Room, First Floor
  50 Natoma Street, Folsom

Ad Hoc Committee Members:
Category A – FHDA Members:
    Karen Holmes
    Jim Snook
    Murray Weaver

Category B – HFRA Members
    Shannon Brenkwitz
    Paul Keast
    Cindy Pharis

Category C – Historic District business owner not affiliated with FHDA or HFRA
    Charles Knuth 

Category D – Historic District resident not affiliated with FHDA or HFRA
    Phil Rotheram 

Category E – Folsom resident who lives outside the Historic District
    Kyle Middleton 

Category F – Folsom business owner whose business is outside the Historic District
    Steve Heard 

Category G – Professional planner or licensed engineer who is a Folsom resident and has professional expertise working on transportation-related projects
    Kenton Ashworth

Questions regarding the Committee may be directed to city staff.