Folsom Plan Area

The Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan (FPASP) project is the culmination of over ten years of planning and public visioning. Numerous public visioning sessions and public outreach meetings have been held over this time to create the vision for future development of properties in the FPASP located south of U.S. Highway 50, which as of 2012 is located within the City of Folsom city limits.

In 2004, the City of Folsom launched a visioning process to seek community input about the future plans for the FPASP. Approximately 200 residents of the city and nearby El Dorado County attended a series of meetings facilitated by a professional planning consultant. At those meetings, the participants addressed a range of issues including land use, open space, transportation, and financing. Their recommendations resulted in a series of five possible development scenarios, which were reviewed by the Folsom City Council at its January 25, 2005 meeting. Since that time, the land use plan for the FPASP has continued to undergo refinements, and has evolved into the land plan approved by the City Council.

Adopted by the City Council in 2011, the FPASP covers 3,513 acres along the southern edge of the city.  A central feature of the FPASP is mixed-use town and neighborhood centers intended to create walkable neighborhoods, reduce automobile use, and encourage more internal trips. The FPSP calls for the entitlement of 10,817 housing units, 3.6 million square feet of office and commercial uses, three public schools, two fire stations, a police station, four parks, and over 1,000 acres of preserved open space. Approximately half of the proposed housing units will be single family homes, with the balance in a mix of multifamily densities. The Plan also provides a variety of retail and wholesale commercial, light industrial and office-based land uses that will provide local jobs and contribute to the city’s jobs/housing balance, aiming to create a ratio of 1.3 jobs per housing unit. Land uses could be revised in the long term.

Specific Plan and DEIR documents are posted on the Current Documents page. The Final EIR will be available for public review for 10 days when it is completed. For more information contact: Scott Johnson, Planning Manager 916-461-6206

A map showing the most recent entitlements in the Folsom Plan Area can be found here.

SOI EIR/EIS Scoping Meeting PowerPoint Presentation