Downloadable Forms and Info:

Folsom Tree Care Arborist List as of 5/11/18
12.16 Tree Preservation Ordinance
Folsom Street Tree Information Sheet
A Word About Topping Trees
Mistletoe Disease in Folsom
Landmark Tree Application 
Tree Permit Application
Tree Protection Zone

Tree Requirements Checklist
Landmark Tree Declassification Application
Tree Permit Guidelines  
Tree Removal Mitigation Table
Folsom Master Tree List   - best if printed on legal size paper
Correcting Young Tree Issues  
Tree Pruning Procedures for Vegetation Encroaching into City Maintained Right-of-Way
Benefits of Organic Mulch.pdf
Tips for Watering Trees.pdf

MWELO Determination of Applicability
Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance
Water Efficient Landscape Permit Application 
MWELO Landscape Documentation Package Submittal Checklist
Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet

Clearance Pruning for Right-of-Way
Soil Fertility Testing
Benefits of Organic Mulch
Tree Services 1/1/2017
Landscape Certification Form
Tree Pruning Procedures for Vegetation Encroaching into City Maintained Right-of-Way

Tree Identification Reference Handbook*

Cover and Forward
Table of Contents
Section 1 - Broadleaf Alternate Simple Evergreen
Section 2 - Broadleaf Alternate Simple Deciduous
Section 3 - Broadleaf Alternate Compound Palmate
Section 4 - Broadleaf Alternate Compound Pinnate
Section 5 - Broadleaf Opposite Simple Evergreen
Section 6 - Broadleaf Opposite Simple Deciduous
Section 7 - Broadleaf Opposite Compound Palmate
Section 8 - Broadleaf Opposite Compound Pinnate
Section 9 - Needles
Section 10 - Palm Palmate
Section 11 - Palm Pinnate
Section 12 - Scale
Section 13 - Misc.
Index by Botanical Name
Index by Common Name
Index by Section Number
Tree I.D. Chart

*A printed copy of this book can be purchased at the City of Folsom Senior Center, 48 Natoma St., Folsom, CA, during regular business hours.  The cost is $30.