Engineering Services

Mission Statement

To provide prompt, quality customer service to the development community, the residents and the business owners of the City of Folsom in the engineering review and processing of private development projects and the issuance of engineering-related permits, while protecting the short- and long-term public health, safety and welfare.

Site Purpose

This portion of the City of Folsom's website is dedicated to design professionals and other users of the City of Folsom's Design and Procedures Manual and Improvement Standards and Standard Construction Specifications. This section provides information related to production of improvement plans and mapping within the City of Folsom. In addition, there is a portion of this site dedicated to the single family home builders. This site will be updated on a regular basis and should be visited frequently as updates to our policies, procedures and standards will be posted.

Engineering Division Staff:
Steve Krahn, City Engineer 916-461-6211 
Daniel Wolfe, Senior Civil Engineer 916-461-6212
Zach Perras, Engineering Technician II 916-461-6215
Amanda Palmer, Administrative Assistant 916-461-6203


Policy for collection of engineering / inspection fees

Engineering Division collects the entire amount of plan check and inspection fees at the time of plan submittal. The plan check and inspection fees are based upon the engineer’s estimate of construction costs. The applicant is required to submit a detailed engineer’s estimate of construction cost at the time of plan submittal together with payment for the entire amount of plan check and inspection fees. The plan check and inspection fees for public and private improvement plans are included in the current fee schedule.