City Maps

The following maps are available in AutoCad 2004 dwg format:

City Basemap - June 2005 (zipped)

(Note: this is the base for all other maps. You will need to download this file and re-direct the xref path for each of the following files to the location where you place this file on your computer.  This file is about 3.5 Mb in size and will take some time to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.)

Stand Alone Maps

If you have questions, contact Daniel Wolfe.

The following maps are available in AutoCad 2000 dwg format. Earlier versions of AutoCad are not supported.
  1. City Basemap October 2003
  2. Old Town City Street Abandonment Map
  3. Annexation Boundaries May 2001
  4. Subdivision Boundaries October 2003
  5. Redevelopment Boundaries June 2001
  6. Zoning Map November, 2005 v 2000