Multi-Family Design Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to establish specific development standards and design guidelines for the development of units which are necessary to promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community by: (1) ensuring compatibility between this land use and surrounding and adjacent properties; (2) promoting and protecting the long-term economic viability and property values in the vicinity; and ensuring that units will not conflict with accepted traffic safety standards. In applying the standards and guidelines herein contained, the city shall consider their economic impact to the proposed project.

This document is not intended to limit innovative design but rather to provide clear direction and design criteria. The design guidelines should be read in harmony with existing development agreeements or other vested entitlements, and Open Space General Plan designations.

Design Guidelines for Multifamily Development (Resolution No. 5734, May 26, 1998)

Design Guidelines for Multifamily Development