Water Wise House Calls

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Water customers may receive a free evaluation of indoor and outdoor water use, including an irrigation check-up.  Call the Water Management Program at 916-355-7252 or send an e-mail to waterconservation@folsom.ca.us  to request a free water use survey.

What is a Water-Wise House Call or Water Survey?

It is a free service provided by the Water Management Program for all Folsom water customers.  City staff will evaluate your water usage and make recommendations on how you can use water more efficiently. Typically, up to 70 percent of residential water use occurs outdoors.

A free Water Wise House Call includes:

  • A site inspection and evaluation of the landscape, irrigation equipment, irrigation system design and assistance in programming controllers for effective watering schedules.
  • Brochures on water-wise landscaping.
  • Discussion on interior fixture conservation measures.
  • Low-flow showerhead, toilet tank tummy, toilet tank leak dye, low-flow faucet aerators are available.

How do I get a free residential water survey?

Call 916-355-7252 or send an e-mail to waterconservation@folsom.ca.us.  Water surveys are scheduled on weekdays by appointment.  A survey normally takes about one hour for a typical residence. 

Why should I schedule a water survey?

Up to 50% of residential water use is outside the home.  A water use survey will give you important information on improving the effectiveness of your landscape irrigation and reducing water waste.  Rebates for irrigation upgrades and weather-based irrigation controllers are currently available.  Read more here.

What does it cost?

Nothing.  Is is a free service provided by the City for all water customers.

Do I have to be home?

Yes.  You must be home to allow access to gated yards and to operate automatic controllers.