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What is it? Zip Books is a way for you to request books the Folsom Public Library doesn't own.

Zip Books:
- Are free for Folsom Public Library cardholders in good standing (not owing more than $5).
- Ship directly to your address via Amazon.com.
- Items must not be owned by our library.
- Items may be a book, a large print book, or CD audiobook.
- DVDs, music CDs, workbooks, and prepublication items are not available.
- Items have no due date.

To request a Zip Book, submit the information below or visit the Folsom Public Library to fill out a Zip Books Purchase Request form at the Adult Reference desk.
You should hear back from us within a week, and if your title is approved, the item will be delivered straight to your door. Once your item is delivered, keep the item as long as you want. When you are finished, return the item to a staff member at the Folsom Public Library during open hours. Please inform staff that you are returning a Zip Book. If the item is returned through the book drop, it will not be taken off your account. The maximum allowable Zip Book items is 3 items per patron per month. Requested CD audiobooks and foreign-language items must not exceed $75, and all other requested items must not exceed $50. If you have any questions about Zip Books, please email zipbooks@folsom.ca.us. 

Zip Books is a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System, funded by the California State Library.


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