Zip Books

Get books and audiobooks delivered to your home! While the library is closed, you can now request items the Folsom Public Library already owns. You can request 2 Zip Books per card in May!

Zip Books:

Are free for Folsom Public Library cardholders in good standing (not owing more than $5).
-Ship directly to your address via
-Items may be a book, a large print book, or CD audiobook. No DVDs, music CDs, workbooks, textbooks, and prepublication items are allowed.
-For the month of May, patrons can now request up to 2 Zip Books per card. This rule will likely change back to 1 per month in June. If you have already used Zip Books in the past, you can only have up to 5 Zip Books on your account at one time.
-Requested CD audiobooks and foreign-language items must not exceed $75, and all other items must not exceed $50.

To request a Zip Book complete the Zip Book form below. A staff member will review the request and send you an email update within one week. If your Zip Book request is approved, you will receive the item in the mail. Please do not return Zip Books until the Folsom Public Library is reopened. When the library reopens, please return your item to the Folsom Public Library and inform staff that you are returning a Zip Book. If the item is returned through the book drop, it will not be taken off your account. Zip Books returned will be added to the Folsom Public Library collection, if items meet our collection development needs. If you have any questions about Zip Books, please email

Zip Books is a statewide project of the NorthNet Library System, funded by the California State Library.


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